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Our organisation

The Forum is made possible by the collaboration of many committed people. With the exception of the full-time organising team, most of them are volunteers. They work in various programming boards, making sure that our standards of relevance and high quality are met. The European Forum Alpbach operates under the leadership of its Executive Board. The organisational team is responsible for executing the strategy and organising all activities throughout the year. The Scientific Advisory Board and the International Advisory Board support the team in the selection of topics and speakers as well as in the further development of an international network. The Board of Trustees and the General Assembly determine guidlines for the activities of the association and for programming. The voice of our many independent Alpbach Alumni Associations is present in all EFA bodies via a team of elected representatives. In addition, the foundation was established to organise the scholarship programme.

Executive Board

Executive Board

The boards of the European Forum Alpbach Association and the European Forum Alpbach Foundation consist of seventeen dedicated people with one goal: To positively contribute to the future of Europe. The Foundation and Association are chaired by Andreas Treichl who is elected president since 2020. Together with a team of international experts, he is responsible for the orientation and strategy of the European Forum Alpbach.

0420220827 111548 EFA22 Board Portraits Karl Sevelda EFA Andrei Pungovschi A pp jpg

Karl Sevelda

Board Member Foundation

0120220827 100429 EFA22 Board Portraits Winfried Kneip EFA Andrei Pungovschi pp jpg

Winfried Kneip

Board Member Foundation

0620220827 095820 EFA22 Board Portraits Howard Williamson EFA Andrei Pungovschi pp jpg

Howard Williamson

Co-opted Board Member Association

0720220827 105242 EFA22 Board Portraits Caroline Hornstein Tomic EFA Andrei Pungovschi pp jpg

Caroline Hornstein-Tomić

Board Member Foundation

0220220827 095028 EFA22 Board Portraits Irene Giner Reichl EFA Andrei Pungovschi A pp jpg

Irene Giner-Reichl

Board Member Association

20210827100802 EFA Board Michaela Fritz EFA Elisabeth Mandl web

Michaela Fritz

Vice President Association

Andreas Bierwirth web

Andreas Bierwirth

CEO and Co-partner of Avcon Jet AG

20210827102211 EFA Board Katja Gentinetta EFA Elisabeth Mandl web

Katja Gentinetta

Vice President Association

Foto Antonella Mei Pochtler

Antonella Mei-Pochtler

Co-opted Board Member Association

20210828085110 EFA Board Katazyna Pisarska EFA Elisabeth Mandl web

Katarzyna Pisarska

Vice President Association

20210827113111 EFA Board Marie Ringler EFA Elisabeth Mandl web

Marie Ringler

Vice President Association

Andreas Treichl, President of the EFA Association and Foundation

Andreas Treichl

President Association & Foundation

20210827105848 EFA Board Werner Wutscher EFA Elisabeth Mandl web

Werner Wutscher

Co-opted Board Member Association

20220831 161418 efa22 Fanboard EFA Daniela Koeppl

Jenni Zeller

Board Member Association

0520220827 102035 EFA22 Board Portraits Thomas Wieser EFA Andrei Pungovschi jpg

Thomas Wieser

Board Member Association

0320220827 103945 EFA22 Board Portraits Boris Marte EFA Andrei Pungovschi pp jpg

Boris Marte

Board Member Foundation

20220831 161144 efa22 Fanboard EFA Daniela Koeppl

Klaudie Mrkusová

Board Member Association

Executive Board Association

Andreas Treichl, President Association and Foundation | Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ERSTE Stiftung

Michaela Fritz, Vice President Association | Vice Rector for Research and Innovation at the Medical University of Vienna

Katja Gentinetta, Vice President Association | Political philosopher, business columnist and university lecturer

Katarzyna Pisarska, Vice President Association | Chair of the Warsaw Security Forum as well as the Chairwoman of the Foundation’s Council and the Board of Directors of the European Academy of Diplomacy

Marie Ringler, Vice President Association | European head of the world’s largest network for social entrepreneurs, Ashoka

Andreas Bierwirth, Treasurer Association | CEO and Co-partner of Avcon Jet AG, trained professional pilot and active in various supervisory board functions

Irene Giner-Reichl, Board Member Association | Austrian diplomat (retired), president of the Global Forum on Sustainable Energy and founding member of the Global Women's Network for the Energy Transition

Antonella Mei-Pochtler, Board Member Association | International senior advisor, member of multiple supervisory boards and investor

Thomas Wieser, Board Member Association | Former president of the Euro Working Group and the European Financial Committees. He is a non-resident fellow with Bruegel in Brussels

Werner Wutscher, Co-opted Board Member Association | Founder and CEO of New Venture Scouting and former secretary general of the European Forum Alpbach

Jenni Zeller, Board Member Association | Member of the Forum Alpbach Network Board | Conference interpreter, DLG at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and Chair of the Forum Alpbach Network Board

Klaudie Mrkusová, Board Member Association | Member of the Forum Alpbach Network Board | Policy Officer DG ENER (European Commission) and Vice-Chair of the Forum Alpbach Network Board

Executive Board Foundation

Andreas Treichl, President Association and Foundation | Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ERSTE Stiftung

Caroline Hornstein-Tomić, Board Member Foundation | Senior Researcher (Sociology & Anthropology) at the Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar / Zagreb and Co-founder & Managing Partner of THE CIVICS Innovation Hub

Winfried Kneip, Board Member Foundation | Senior Education Consultant, former Director of Educational Affairs at Stiftung Mercator and Founder of Love Politics

Boris Marte, Board Member Foundation | CEO of ERSTE Stiftung

Karl Sevelda, Board Member Foundation | Former CEO of Raiffeisen Bank International AG

Howard Williamson, Board Member Foundation | Youth worker, academic youth researcher and lecturer, and youth policy adviser

Organisational Team

Organisational Team

The team of the European Forum Alpbach is located in Vienna and manages the overall organisation of the main conference and the further events during the year. It ensures that all events are adequately financed and coordinated professionally, and that the events are covered appropriately in the media. In addition, the team is in charge of coordinating the annual scholarship programme.

230504 DSC0033 hires c Elisabeth Mandl

Anna Köhler

Unit Experience | Hospitality Manager

EMA 220627 DSC8822 hires c Elisabeth Mandl

Elke Lerch

Unit Content | Content Manager "Fighting for Europe’s Economic Sovereignty"

230504 DSC9821 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Annalise Rapo

Unit Communications | PR Manager

221216 DSC4534 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Theodora Danek

Unit Content | Content Manager "Arts & Culture"

EMA 220628 DSC1090 hires c Elisabeth Mandl

Paulina Wörnhör

Unit Experience | Project Assistant

EMA 220627 DSC9114 lowres c Elisabeth Mandl

Feri Thierry

Secretary General & Managing Director

EMA 220628 DSC0853 hires c Elisabeth Mandl

Clara-Maria Stonawski

Unit Experience | Hospitality Manager (maternity leave)

230504 DSC0122 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Sandra Moreira-Weitgruber

Unit Operations | Finance Manager

EMA 220719 DSC3205 hires c Elisabeth Mandl

Maryna Kviatkivska

Unit Communities | Project Assistant

230504 DSC9771 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Christoph Müller

Unit Experience | Junior Project Manager

EMA 220627 DSC9387 2 hires c Elisabeth Mandl

Dagmar Hengl

Unit Communities | Senior Stakeholder Manager | Sponsoring & Fundraising

EMA 220719 DSC3031 hires c Elisabeth Mandl

Carla Hartwig

Unit Operations | Finance Manager (maternity leave)

EMA 220627 DSC8663 hires c Elisabeth Mandl

Kevin Kaiser

Unit Content | Content Manager "Securing Europe in a Multipolar World"

EMA 220628 DSC0689 hires c Elisabeth Mandl

Johannes Piller

Unit Experience | Production Manager

221216 DSC4621 hires c Elisabeth Mandl

Evamaria Freinberger

Unit Communications | Brand Communication Manager

EMA 220628 DSC0333 kl c Elisabeth Mandl

Clara Rindler-Schantl

Unit Experience | Head of Unit

EMA 220627 DSC9288 hires c Elisabeth Mandl

Péter Hunya

Unit Content | Content Manager "Reinforcing Democracy in Europe"

230504 DSC0229 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Maximilian Handl

Executive Assistant to Secretary General and President

EMA 220627 DSC9666 hires c Elisabeth Mandl

Annamária Tóth

Unit Communities | Head of Unit

EMA 220719 DSC2998 hires c Elisabeth Mandl

Markus Hafner-Auinger

Unit Operations | Head of Unit

230504 DSC0075 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Vinzenz Müller

Unit Operations | Data Manager

221216 DSC4414 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Jasmin Praschberger

Unit Operations | Office Manager

230504 DSC9883 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Ekaterina Tenner

Unit Operations | Senior CRM Project Manager

EMA 220627 DSC9439 hires c Elisabeth Mandl

Bettina Nahajowski

Unit Communities | Senior Stakeholder Manager | Alpbach in Motion

EMA 220627 DSC9084 hires c Elisabeth Mandl

Leonie Sommer

Unit Communities | Project Assistant

EMA 220627 DSC9492 hires c Elisabeth Mandl

Johannes Schneeberger

Unit Communities | Stakeholder Manager | Partnerships

EMA 220627 DSC9585 kl c Elisabeth Mandl

Bibimaya Larice

Unit Communities | Stakeholder Manager | Alumni Network

EMA 220719 DSC3187 hires c Elisabeth Mandl

Mirta Surlina

Unit Content | Content Manager "Rallying for Climate Action"

230504 DSC9965 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Jasmina Retschitzegger

Unit Operations | HR Manager

221216 DSC4380 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Axel Zahlut

Unit Operations | Digital Project Manager

EMA 220627 DSC8981 hires c Elisabeth Mandl

Leopold Schmertzing

Unit Content | Head of Unit

20220827 094521 EFA22 Team Portraits katia EFA Andrei Pungovschi

Katia Wissinger

Unit Communities | Stakeholder Manager | Scholarship Programme

EMA 220627 DSC9815 hires c Elisabeth Mandl

Ankica Nikolić

Unit Communications | Head of Unit

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees follows the activities of the association and supports the compliance with its aims. It sets the principle guidelines for the functions of the association’s bodies and the preparation of the programme. It is composed of people who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment towards the association.

Member of the Board of Trustees

  • Martin Bernhofer
  • Jürgen Busch
  • Verena Ehold
  • Erich Gornik
  • Wolfgang Habermayer
  • Michael Haider
  • Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger
  • Günter Hillebrand
  • Bruno Hofbauer
  • Herwig Hösele
  • Michael Ikrath
  • Beatrix Karl
  • Wolfgang Knoll
  • Georg Kopetz
  • Elisabeth Krainer-Senger-Weiss
  • Kathryn List
  • Ulrike Lunacek
  • Christian Macek
  • Bernhard Marckhgott
  • Sophie Martinetz
  • Beate Meinl-Reisinger
  • Patricia Mussi-Mailer
  • Dieter Natlacen
  • Ewald Nowotny
  • Klaus Poier
  • Filip Radunović
  • Reingard Rauch
  • Wolfgang Renner
  • Verena Ringler
  • Sabine Schindler
  • Christoph Schneider
  • Rainer Schrems
  • Matthias Strolz
  • Alexandra Terzić-Auer
  • Hedwig Wölfl
  • Board members of the EFA-Association
  • Representing the Forum Alpbach Network (FAN): Florian Boschek
  • Representing the Forum Alpbach Network (FAN): Andreas Maierhofer
  • Representing the Forum Alpbach Network (FAN): Jenni Zeller
  • Honorary President of the EFA: Heinrich Pfusterschmid-Hardtenstein
  • Honorary President of the EFA: Franz Fischler
  • Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board: Irene Giner-Reichl
  • Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board: Winfried Kneip
  • Chair of the International Advisory Board: Thomas Mayr-Harting

Scientific Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board is one of the central bodies of the European Forum Alpbach with regards to content programming: It proposes the general themes for the annual main event, prepares the Alpbach Seminars and provides the Board with advice and recommendations regarding the programme content. The Scientific Advisory Board consists of 30 renowned scientists and eminent representatives of the cultural sector, who choose one chairperson from among themselves.

Members of the Scientific Advisory Board

  • Brigitte Bach
  • Matthias Beck
  • Anna Durnová
  • Martin H. Gerzabek
  • Irene Giner-Reichl (Chair as of 21/10/2021)
  • Markus Hengstschläger
  • Barbara Horejs
  • Maximilian Jösch
  • Sylvia Knapp
  • Winfried Kneip (Chair as of 21/10/2021)
  • Katja Mayer
  • Josef Mitterer
  • Hanns-Christoph Nägerl
  • Manfred Nowak
  • Elisabeth Oberzaucher
  • Daniela Pollak
  • Barbara Prainsack
  • Peter Purgathofer
  • Margit Schratzenstaller-Altzinger
  • Sarah Spiekermann-Hoff
  • Alma Steger
  • Harald Stelzer, Kristina Stöckl
  • Ulrike Tappeiner
  • Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein
  • Miriam Unterlass
  • Michael Wagner
  • Andreas Wimmer
  • Rudolf Zechner
  • Board Members of the EFA-Association
  • Representing the Forum Alpbach Network (FAN): Andreas Maierhofer
  • Representing the Forum Alpbach Network (FAN): Dorotea Neuberg
  • Representing the Forum Alpbach Network (FAN): Jenni Zeller

Corresponding Members of the Scientific Advisory Board

  • Jeremias Adams-Prassl
  • Nadia Al-Bagdadi
  • Petar Bojanić
  • Johann Frank
  • Maja Göpel
  • Hermann Hauser
  • Sabine Junginger
  • Hedwig Josefine Kaiser
  • Lisa Kaltenegger
  • Peter G. Kirchschläger
  • Dominik Markl
  • Thomas Mayr-Harting
  • Gero Miesenböck
  • Berthold Molden
  • Friedrich B. Prinz
  • Michael Reiterer
  • Dirk Rupnow
  • Anya Schiffrin
  • Tobias Schumacher
  • Nona Sheppard
  • Otmar D. Wiestler
  • Howard Williamson

International Advisory Board

International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board unites outstanding international personalities who know Alpbach and have already prominently participated in its activities. Central tasks of the board are consultations regarding the selection of topics and speakers but also the support of the Forum in expanding its international network. The board, founded in 2019, is chaired by Thomas Mayr-Harting.

Members of the International Advisory Board

  • Catherine Ashton
  • Franz Fischler
  • Eamon Gilmore
  • Arancha González Laya
  • Jean-Claude Hollerich
  • Kristalina Georgieva
  • Miroslav Lajcák
  • Pascal Lamy
  • Thomas Mayr-Harting (Chair)
  • Philippe Narval
  • Geneviève Pons
  • Jeffrey Sachs
  • Karel Schwarzenberg
  • Martin Selmayr
  • Bruno Stagno-Ugarte
  • Cédric Villani
  • Hereditary Prince Alois von Liechtenstein
  • Margot Wallström
  • Thomas Wieser