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Our organisation

The Forum is made possible by the collaboration of many committed people. With the exception of the full-time organising team, most of them are volunteers. They work in various programming boards, making sure that our standards of relevance and high quality are met. The European Forum Alpbach operates under the leadership of its Executive Board. The organisational team is responsible for executing the strategy and organising all activities throughout the year. The Scientific Advisory Board and the International Advisory Board support the team in the selection of topics and speakers as well as in the further development of an international network. The Board of Trustees and the General Assembly determine guidlines for the activities of the association and for programming. The voice of our many independent Alpbach Alumni Associations is present in all EFA bodies via a team of elected representatives. In addition, the foundation was established to organise the scholarship programme.

Executive Board

Executive Board

The boards of the European Forum Alpbach Association and the European Forum Alpbach Foundation consist of seventeen dedicated people with one goal: To positively contribute to the future of Europe. The Foundation and Association are chaired by Andreas Treichl who is elected president since 2020. Together with a team of international experts, he is responsible for the orientation and strategy of the European Forum Alpbach.

230830 DSC1069 hires c Elisabeth Mandl

Antonella Mei-Pochtler

Vice President Association

Andreas Bierwirth C Marlena Koenig1

Andreas Bierwirth

Treasurer, Board Member Association

20220831 161418 efa22 Fanboard EFA Daniela Koeppl

Jenni Zeller

Board Member Association (FAN-Representative)

0120220827 100429 EFA22 Board Portraits Winfried Kneip EFA Andrei Pungovschi pp jpg

Winfried Kneip

Board Member Foundation

Andreas Treichl, President of the EFA Association and Foundation

Andreas Treichl

President Association & Chairman Foundation

20220831 161144 efa22 Fanboard EFA Daniela Koeppl

Klaudie Mrkusová

Board Member Association (FAN-Representative)

20210827113111 EFA Board Marie Ringler EFA Elisabeth Mandl web

Marie Ringler

Vice President Association

0720220827 105242 EFA22 Board Portraits Caroline Hornstein Tomic EFA Andrei Pungovschi pp jpg

Caroline Hornstein-Tomić

Board Member Foundation

Executive Board Association

Andreas Treichl, President | Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ERSTE Stiftung

Antonella Mei-Pochtler, Vice President | International consultant, member of various supervisory boards and investor

Marie Ringler, Vice President | European head of the world’s largest network for social entrepreneurs, Ashoka

Andreas Bierwirth, Treasurer | CEO and Co-partner of Avcon Jet AG, trained professional pilot and active in various supervisory board functions

Jenni Zeller, Board Member (FAN-Representative) | Member of the Forum Alpbach Network Board | Conference interpreter, DLG at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and Chair of the Forum Alpbach Network Board

Klaudie Mrkusová, Board Member (FAN-Representative) | Member of the Forum Alpbach Network Board | Policy Officer DG ENER (European Commission) and Vice-Chair of the Forum Alpbach Network Board

Executive Board Foundation

Andreas Treichl, Chairman | Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ERSTE Stiftung

Caroline Hornstein-Tomić, Board Member | Senior Researcher (Sociology & Anthropology) at Insitute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar / Zagreb und Co-founder & Managing Partner of THE CIVICS Innovation Hub

Winfried Kneip, Board Member | Freelance Educational Consultant and Former Head of the Education Competence Centre of the Mercator Foundation

Organisational Team

Organisational Team

The team of the European Forum Alpbach is located in Vienna and manages the overall organisation of the main conference and the further events during the year. It ensures that all events are adequately financed and coordinated professionally, and that the events are covered appropriately in the media. In addition, the team is in charge of coordinating the annual scholarship programme.

220627 DSC9492 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Johannes Schneeberger

Unit Communities | Stakeholder Manager | Corporate Partnerships

220627 DSC9288 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Péter Hunya

Unit Content | Content Manager "Democracy and the Rule of Law"

DSC 8661 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Jana Pflästerer

Unit Communities | Assistant | Talent Development and Alumni Network

230504 DSC9965 hires c Elisabeth Mandl

Jasmina Retschitzegger

Unit Operations | HR Manager

221216 DSC4552 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Theodora Danek

Unit Content | Content Manager "Arts & Culture"

220719 DSC3031 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Carla Hartwig

Unit Operations | Finance Manager (maternity leave)

230504 DSC0075 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Vinzenz Müller

Unit Operations | Data Manager

220627 DSC9387 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Dagmar Hengl

Unit Communities | Senior Stakeholder Manager | Private Donors

220628 DSC0853 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Clara-Maria Stonawski

Unit Experience | Hospitality Manager (maternity leave)

220628 DSC0689 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Johannes Piller

Unit Experience | Head of Unit


Maximilian Handl

Unit Operations | Internal Communication & Office Operations Manager

221216 DSC4414 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Jasmin Praschberger

Unit Communications | PR Manager

DSC 8795 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Sophia Weber

Unit Experience | Intern

220627 DSC8663 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Kevin Kaiser

Unit Content | Content Manager "Security"

220627 DSC8981 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Leopold Schmertzing

Unit Content | Head of Unit

DSC 8572 web c Elisabeth Mandl 3

Andreas Berger

Unit Communications | Head of Unit

220628 DSC0333 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Clara Rindler-Schantl

Unit Experience | Head of Unit (maternity leave)

220719 DSC3187 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Mirta Surlina

Unit Content | Content Manager "Climate"

220719 DSC2998 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Markus Hafner-Auinger

Unit Operations | Head of Unit

DSC 8824 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Nadine Beisteiner

Unit Content | Content Manager | Seminars & Alpbach Ideas

230504 DSC0122 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Sandra Moreira-Weitgruber

Unit Operations | Controlling & Finance Manager

230504 DSC0033 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Anna Köhler

Unit Experience | Hospitality Manager

220627 DSC9585 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Bibimaya Larice

Unit Communities | Stakeholder Manager | Alumni Network

DSC 8604 web c Elisabeth Mandl 1

Paul-Jakob Hofer

Unit Operations | Intern

221216 DSC4380 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Axel Zahlut

Unit Operations | Digital Project Manager

231117 DSC3499 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Robert Galambos

Unit Operations | IT System Administrator

231117 DSC3366 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Evgeniia Korkeshko

Unit Communications | Social Media Manager

DSC 9056 web c Elisabeth Mandl 1

Anna Stockhammer

Unit Communities | Stakeholder Manager | Public Institutions and Grants

DSC 8843 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Christina Taferner

Unit Content | Intern

EMA 220627 DSC9114 lowres c Elisabeth Mandl

Feri Thierry

Secretary General & Managing Director

DSC 8909 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Samo Stern

Unit Experience | Junior Production Manager

220627 DSC9666 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Annamária Tóth

Unit Communities | Head of Unit

220719 DSC3205 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Maryna Kviatkivska

Unit Communities | Junior Stakeholder Manager | Philanthropy and Grants

220627 DSC9439 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Bettina Nahajowski

Unit Communities | Senior Stakeholder Manager | Philanthropy and Grants (maternity leave)

231117 DSC3432 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Melissa Német

Unit Communities | Stakeholder Manager | Scholarship Programme

221216 DSC4621 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Evamaria Freinberger

Unit Communications | Brand Communication Manager

231117 DSC3475 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Sven Nelander

Unit Communities | Assistant | Partner Sessions and Corporate Partnerships

DSC 8995 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Eldin Bajric

Unit Communities | Stakeholder Manager | Philanthropy and Grants

DSC 8649 web c Elisabeth Mandl 1

Ivar Juvhaugen-Dehn

Unit Operations | CRM Product Manager

220627 DSC8822 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Elke Lerch

Unit Content | Content Manager "Finance and Economy"

DSC 8684 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Ulla Offenbeck

Executive Assistant to the President and the Secretary General



The council and its members advise and support the association in all its activities. In doing so, they ensure to maintain the continuity in connection with the historical roots and values of the European Forum Alpbach and to strive for or preserve its pluralistic anchoring in democratic society.

Members of the Council

Markus Bischofer | Mayor of Alpbach (co-opted)

Brigitte Brenner | Ambassador, Permanent Observer of the IPU to the United Nations and international organizations in Vienna

Cathryn Clüver Ashbrook | Senior Advisor, Bertelsmann Foundation

Verena Ehold | Head of the Federal Environment Agency

Lisa-Marie Fassl | Founder, Venture Capital Fund F

Irene Giner-Reichl, Chair | Retired Ambassador

Erich Gornik | Physicist, Emeritus University Professor

Wolfgang Habermayer | Founder and CEO, Merito Financial Solutions

Michael Haider | Head of Cultural Forum NYC

Valerie Hengl | Co-founder of Purecy

Bruno Hofbauer | Major General, Austrian Federal Army

Herwig Hösele | Secretary-General, Future Fund of the Republic of Austria

Michael Ikrath | Former Member of the National Council Austria

Thomas Kahn | Managing Director Congress Centrum Alpbach (co-opted)

Sabine Kasslatter-Mur | Former President of the State Parliament and State Councillor South Tyrol

Georg Kopetz | Co-founder and Board Member of TTTech Computertechnik AG

Larissa Krainer | University of Klagenfurt

Elisabeth Krainer-Senger-Weiss | Attorney

Kathryn List | CEO and Co-Founder, AVL Foundation

Christian Macek | Official, European Commission Brussels

Bernhard Marckhgott | Head of Corporate Communications, Raiffeisenlandesbank Upper Austria

Josef Margreiter | CEO, Lebensraum Tirol Holding GmbH

Sophie Martinetz | Director, WU Legal Tech Center and Managing Partner Future-Law

Beate Meinl-Reisinger | Party Leader of NEOS and Group Leader in the National Council

Dieter Natlacen | Attorney

Bernhard Niesner | Founder, Busuu

Leonard Novy | Co-Director of the Institute for Media and Communication Policy (IfM) in Cologne

Wolfgang Petritsch | Retired Ambassador, President of the Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation

Klaus Poier | Political Scientist and Constitutional Lawyer, University Professor

Sophie Pornschlegel | Director of Studies at Europe Jacques Delors, Policy Fellow of the Progressive Centre

Filip Radunović | Team Leader, GIZ (Belgrade)

Rupert Sausgruber | Rector of the Vienna University of Economics and Business

Rainer Schrems | Manager, SALONO Companysolutions GmbH

Agnes Streissler-Führer | Chairperson of the GPA Private Foundation

Matthias Strolz | Founder of NEOS - The New Austria, Author

Stefan Wallner | Managing Director, Alliance for Nonprofit Organizations

Christoph Wenna | Founder & Managing Partner, Wenna Consult GmbH

Werner Wutscher, Vice Chair | Founder of New Venture Scouting

‎ ‎‎‎‎‎‎

Board members of the EFA-Association

Representing the Forum Alpbach Network (FAN): Florian Boschek

Representing the Forum Alpbach Network (FAN): Andreas Maierhofer

Representing the Forum Alpbach Network (FAN): Jenni Zeller

Honorary President of the EFA: Franz Fischler

Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board: Michaela Fritz

Chair of the International Advisory Board: Thomas Mayr-Harting

Scientific Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board is one of the central bodies of the European Forum Alpbach with regards to content programming: It proposes the general themes for the annual main event, prepares the Alpbach Seminars and provides the Board with advice and recommendations regarding the programme content. The Scientific Advisory Board consists of 30 renowned scientists and eminent representatives of the cultural sector, who choose one chairperson from among themselves.

Members of the Scientific Advisory Board

Nadia Al-Bagdadi | Professor, Department of History and Center for Religious Studies at Central European University  

Brigitte Bach | Managing Director, Austrian Institute of Technology 

Felix Creutzig | Groupleader Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and  
Climate Change  

Maria Demertzis | Senior Fellow at Bruegel & Professor of Economic Policy at STG, European University Institute 

Anna Durnova | Professor of Political Sociology University of Vienna & Senior Fellow Institute for Advanced Studies  

Gabriel Felbermayr | Director at the Austrian Institute for Economic Research WIFO & professor at Vienna University of Economics and Business  

Michaela Fritz, Chair | Vice Rector for Research and Innovation, Medical University Vienna

Franz-Stefan Gady | Consulting Senior Fellow at International Institute for Strategic Studies IISS 

Katharina Gassner | Senior Economist for Infrastructure at World Bank 

Philipp Gerbert | General Managing Director TUM Venture Labs 

Misha Glenny | Rector at the Institute for Human Sciences  

Ian Goldin | Professor of Globalization and Development Oxford University & Senior Fellow at the Oxford Martin School 

Bernhard Haslhofer | Group Leader Cryptofinance at Complexity Science Hub & Co-Founder Iknaio Cryptoasset Analytics 

Hermann Hauser | Director at Amadeus Capital Partners 

Markus Hengstschläger | Head of the Center for Pathobiochemistry and Genetics, Medical University Vienna 

Sabine Junginger | Head of Competence Center Research in Design and Management at University of Applied Sciences and Arts Lucerne 

Mark Leonard | Executive Director at European Council on Foreign Relations ECFR 

Dominik Markl | Professor of Biblical Studies and Historical Theology, University of Innsbruck 

Katja Mayer | Senior Postdoc at the Department of Science and Technology Studies, University of Vienna 

Josef Mitterer | former Professor at the Department of Philosophy at University of Klagenfurt  

Manfred Nowak | Secretary General of the Global Campus of Human Rights 

Barbara Prainsack | Professor for Comparative Policy Analysis at the University of Vienna 

Michael Reiterer | Distinguished Professor at Centre for Security, Diplomacy and Strategy, Brussels School of Governance 

Keywan Riahi | Program Director at International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis  

Diemut Schilling | Professor of Drawing and Printmaking at Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences  

Nona Shepphard | Associate Director and Chair of Audition Panel at Royal Academy of Dramatic Art 

Leena Srivastava | Advisory Council at New Age Makers Institute of Technology NAMTECH 

Georg Steinhauser | Professor of Applied Radiochemistry at Technical University of Vienna 

Katrin Suder | Senior Advisor and Board Member & former State Secretary at German Ministry of Defence 

Kavita Surana | Professor of Data Ecosystems and Environmental Accountability at the Department of Information Systems and Operations Management, Vienna University of Economics and Business 

Ulrike Tappeiner | Professor at Department of Ecology at University of Innsbruck & Head of Institute for Alpine Environment at Eurac Research Bozen 

Velina Tchakarova | Founder & Geopolitical Strategist at FACE For A Conscious Experience & Visiting Fellow, Observer Research Foundation

Nathalie Tocci | Director at Istituto Affari Internazionali 

Renata Uitz | Co-Director Democracy Institute at Central European University

Howard Williamson, Vice-Chair | Professor of European Youth Policy, Faculty of Business and Creative Industries at University of South Wales


Representing the Forum Alpbach Network (FAN): Jenni Zeller  

Representing the Forum Alpbach Network (FAN): Andreas Maierhofer  

Representing the Forum Alpbach Network (FAN): Dorotea Neuberg  

International Advisory Board

International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board unites outstanding international personalities who know Alpbach and have already prominently participated in its activities. Central tasks of the board are consultations regarding the selection of topics and speakers but also the support of the Forum in expanding its international network. The board, founded in 2019, is chaired by Thomas Mayr-Harting.

Members of the International Advisory Board

Catherine Ashton | Former High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy - Vice-President of the European Commission, European Union

Carl Bildt | Co-Chair, European Council on Foreign Relations/former Prime Minister of Sweden

Anna Maria Corazza Bildt | Former Member of the European Parliament

Franz Fischler | Former Commissioner for Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries, European Union/former President of the European Forum Alpbach

Florence Gaub | Director of the Research Division, NATO Defense College

Katja Gentinetta | Philosopher, Author, TV moderator

Eamon Gilmore | Former EU Special Representative Human Rights, European Union

Arancha González Laya | Dean, Paris School of International Affairs/former Foreign Minister of Spain

Hermann Hauser | Founding Partner, Amadeus Capital Partners

Jean-Claude Hollerich | Archbishop of Luxembourg

Wolfgang Ischinger | President, Foundation Council of the Munich Security Conference Foundation

Ivan Krastev | Chairman, Centre for Liberal Strategies

Miroslav Lajcák | Special Representative for the Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue and other Western Balkan regional issues, European Union/former Foreign Minister of Slovakia

Pascal Lamy | Vice-President, Paris Peace Forum/former Director-General, World Trade Organisation

Thomas Mayr-Harting, Chair | Special Representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office for the Transdniestrian Settlement Process

Philippe Narval | Secretary General, Lebenshilfe Österreich

Kasia Pisarska | Founder of the European Academy of Diplomacy/Co-Founder of the Casimir Pulaski Foundation and the Warsaw Security Forum.

Geneviève Pons | Director General and Vice President, Europe – Jacques Delors in Brussels

Daniel Sachs | Founder and CEO, P Capital Partners

Anya Schiffrin | Director of the Technology, Media, and Communications, Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs

Martin Selmayr | Head of the EU Representation in Austria (subject to approval by employer)

Bruno Stagno-Ugarte | Chief Advocacy Officer, Human Rights Watch/former Foreign Minister of Costa Rica

Joseph Stiglitz | Economist and Professor, Columbia University/Recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences

Cédric Villani | Mathematician, Fields Medalist 2010/former French MP

Alois von und zu Liechtenstein | Hereditary Prince of Liechtenstein

Thomas Wieser, Vice-Chair | Non-Resident Fellow, Bruegel