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How to get involved

There are many options to become part of the European Forum Alpbach!

Event participant

Become a participant

Join our annual event in Alpbach!

As a participant, being part of the Forum is a ticket to important insights, inspiration and interesting networks. For many it is even the beginning of a personal transformation. More than 4,000 people participate in the annual main event, taking place each summer in Tyrol. You can be one of them!

The 2024 European Forum Alpbach event will take place from 17 to 30 August.

Scholarship Holder

Become a scholarship holder

Apply for a scholarship and attend the European Forum Alpbach event in summer!

Every year, the European Forum Alpbach awards scholarships to hundreds of outstanding young talents from all over the world. Our scholarship programme enables students, young professionals and change-makers to come to Alpbach and attend a variety of seminars, our high-level conference programme and the Forum’s social and cultural activities. Scholarships are funded by private sponsors, grants and donations. The EFA scholarship programme is a vital pillar of the Forum, providing for its variety of perspectives and intergenerational exchange.

Until today, former scholarship holders have founded more than 30 alumni groups around the globe to stay connected after the Forum. Find out if there’s an alumni group in your region and get in touch with them via this page.


The jury of the European Forum Alpbach finalises the selection of candidates, aiming for a fair regional and academic distribution.

The jury of the European Forum Alpbach 2023 consisted of

  • Almina Bešić, Assistant Professor, Department of International Management, Johannes Kepler Universität Linz
  • Klaus Poier, University Professor of Public Law and Political Science, University of Graz

Selection Committee

The EFA selection process 2023 was done with the support of dedicated members of our community who are part of the selection committee - they read and rated all the applications we received.

The European Forum Alpbach 2023 selection committee consists of Marina Alcazar (Spanish Ambassador, Forum Alpbach Network), Martin Anderl (CRM Consultant, gorelate GmbH) Labinot Bajgora (Former President, Initiative Group Alpbach Kosovo), Not Banai (Associate Professor, Director of Centre for Research & Development in Visual Arts), Marina Bartoletti (Founder, EVENTORY Lab), Luca Brunner (Co-Founder and Board Member,Open Think Tank Network), Jürgen Busch (Head of Research Institutes’s Affairs, Ludwig Boltzmann Society), Olgui Caballero (Executive Director, Alma Civica Organization), Johannes Caliskan (Attaché for scientific and academic cooperation, Institut français d'Autriche), Cătălina Ceban (Advisor on international relations, Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova), Lawrence Darkwah (Senior Lecturer, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology), Lisa Dudek (Irish Ambassador, Forum Alpbach Network), Falma Fshazi (Associated Professor, Sciences Po Paris), Bettina Gusenbauer (Head of Unit, Corporate and International Affairs, ÖBB), Philipp Harnik (Executive Assistant to Dr. Heinz Fischer and Organizational Associate, Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens), Caroline Hornstein-Tomic (Board member, European Forum Alpbach), Susanne Joszt (Group Corporate Affairs & Stakeholder Management, Erste Group Bank AG), Janet Kuschert (Member of the Board, Sindbad - Social Business), Anastasia Lemberg-Lvova (Founder and project lead, De Structura), Joanna Lickiewicz (Team Member "Reactive Cities Lab", Alpbach Challenges), Christine Maaß (Program Officer for Science and Youth, Austrian Commission for UNESCO), Oliver Mader (Practice Leader Governance, DAI Global Austria GmbH), Doris Manu (Diplomat, Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Jakob Mayr (Student, Medical University Vienna), Kieran Mcgovern (Irish Ambassador, Forum Alpbach Network), Ewald Nowotny (President, Austrian Society for European Politics), Benedikt Osl (CRM Consultant, gorelate GmbH), Swati Parashar (Professor, School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg), Milana Pavlovic (Project Director, DAI Global LLC), Andreea Petre-Goncalves (President and Co-Founder, Flare Governance) Bao-Chau Pham (University Assistant, University of Vienna), Wolfgang Pospischil (Managing Director, AFRY Management Consulting Austria GmbH), Sandrine Ramboux (Founder, FutureWise Partnership), Kati Schneeberger (President, Vienna goes Europe), Katharina Schwab (Operations Office & Communication, WUK Werkstätten- und Kulturhaus), Christiane Schwaiger (Unit Operations, European Forum Alpbach), Ana Sofia Souto (Former Member, Forum Alpbach Network Committee), Daniel Spichtinger (Grant Service & Policy, Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft), Alois Steinbichler (Lecturer, Vienna University of Economics and Business), Michaela Summerer (Swiss Ambassador, Forum Alpbach Network), Nika Tavčar (Deputy Director and Project Manager, Umanotera - The Slovenian Foundation for Sustainable Development), Tanase Tudor (Former President, Initiative Group Alpbach Romania), Jiaran Wang (Chief Executive Director & Founder, Artciety), Lukas Wank (Deputy Director, Austrian Centre for Peace), Bernadette Zimmermann (Content manager on educational leave, European Forum Alpbach) and representatives of Africa Alpbach Network, Club Alpbach Belgium, Club Alpbach Belgrade, Club Alpbach Croatia, Club Alpbach Finland, Club Alpbach France, Club Alpbach Georgia, Club Alpbach Germany, Club Alpbach Iraq, Club Alpbach London, Club Alpbach Macedonia, Club Alpbach Montenegro, Club Alpbach Netherlands, Club Alpbach Poland, Club Alpbach Trentino, Club Alpbach Vorarlberg, Initiative Group Albania, Initiative Group Armenia, Initiative Group Kosovo, Initiative Group Romania, Initiative Group Sarajevo, Kyiv Initiative Group Alpbach.

Your EFA Contact

231117 DSC3432 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Melissa Német

Unit Communities | Stakeholder Manager | Scholarship Programme

Alpbach in Motion (AIM)

Become part of the AIM programme

Join Alpbach in Motion - the EFA leadership lab

As part of the European Forum Alpbach, Alpbach in Motion (AIM) is a Lab for up to 40 outstanding managers and founders between the ages 30 to 40, who are willing to shape and transform Europe.

Each year, the most committed young business leaders, changemakers, policymakers, scientists, artists, activists, and more, commit to a one-of-a-kind leadership experience. By stimulating peer-to-peer learning and out-of-the-box solutions, Alpbach in Motion creates a space for the emergence of reflection and action, encouraging its professionals to facilitate change in their industries, ecosystems and the broader social context. AiM takes place during the annual EFA event in summer in the village of Alpbach.

Your EFA Contact

231117 DSC3432 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Melissa Német

Unit Communities | Stakeholder Manager | Scholarship Programme


Become a partner

The European Forum Alpbach opens minds and hearts for Europe.

We are committed to creating reliable connections between our continent’s decision-makers and its youth. Our event brings together the most innovative thinkers and talents from politics, business, civil society, culture, and science. The EFA community sparks ideas for a strong European future – all year round. Would you like to be part of this inspiring cause?

Everything we do is possible through the financial support of our partners. Partnering with the European Forum Alpbach gives you the chance to enhance your organisation’s purpose. Help set the agenda of key actors from various fields of action while building a network that meets your company’s needs. The EFA allows its partners on-site advantages in Alpbach. Join us for a long-lasting partnership or become a supporter!

Our main partners

ERST Egroup

"Europe is facing new challenges and an increasingly uncertain environment. Central issues such as peace, democracy and human rights have taken on a new urgency. Together, we must face these challenges not fearfully, but resolutely. With a clear vision, strong commitment and bold ideas. It is up to us to jointly shape the promise the future holds for Europe. As the European Forum Alpbach’s Main Partner, we are eager to discuss and develop ideas for a stronger and more resilient Europe."


“The Open Society Foundations support efforts by the European Union and likeminded European countries to play a stronger role globally — standing their ground in the face of sharpening conflict between authoritarianism and democracy, as well as uncertainties about Washington’s role in the world. We support European policy groups and think tanks that help policymakers assess their options and envisage new possibilities. Drawing on Open Society’s global network, we also seek to connect the Global South to Brussels and Strasbourg as we seek to engage Europe’s political leaders and legislators with their global responsibilities.”

ERST Estiftung

“The answers to the most burning questions in our ever-changing world lie in some form of cooperation and exchange. No single country, no single institution or individual will solve the climate crisis, curb the side effects of technological disruption, decrease inequality, or dismantle the many conflicts of our time. With fears, insecurity and polarisation on the rise, exchange and collaboration among people from very different fields, age groups and geography has never been more important, in order to find new ideas, hope and joy. A resilient, democratic, united Europe needs places where an open debate is possible, and new ideas can flourish into concrete actions and tangible impacts.”

Serve the purpose

Content and ideas:

Bring your specific expertise to the official conference programme. We seek a variety of perspectives in our programme and are curious about your input.

Community building:

Reach out to relevant stakeholders and meet new allies. We connect people in substantial ways and thus create stable networks beyond the annual event.

Talent development:

Support young people to become active citizens of Europe and their regions. We want to empower the youth to take the European idea into their own hands.

Get in touch to find the perfect package and make the most of our cooperation:

Your EFA Contacts

EMA 220719 DSC3205 hires c Elisabeth Mandl

Maryna Kviatkivska

Unit Communities | Junior Stakeholder Manager | Philanthropy and Grants

EMA 220627 DSC9439 hires c Elisabeth Mandl

Bettina Nahajowski

Unit Communities | Senior Stakeholder Manager | Philanthropy and Grants (maternity leave)

EMA 220627 DSC9387 2 hires c Elisabeth Mandl

Dagmar Hengl

Unit Communities | Senior Stakeholder Manager | Private Donors

EMA 220627 DSC9666 hires c Elisabeth Mandl

Annamária Tóth

Unit Communities | Head of Unit

EMA 220627 DSC9492 hires c Elisabeth Mandl

Johannes Schneeberger

Unit Communities | Stakeholder Manager | Corporate Partnerships

231117 DSC3475 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Sven Nelander

Unit Communities | Assistant | Partner Sessions and Corporate Partnerships

Association Member

Become a member

Make your voice count and contribute to the future of Europe

Our association is dependent on devoted people who work together for one common goal: To positively shape our future by strengthening Europe. As a member of the association, you have a say in shaping and determining our goals. You pay an annual fee and benefit from all our networks worldwide. In addition, you receive discounted access to selected events.

Membership application

Please send us an email with your CV and tell us about your personal motivation to join and support the purpose of the European Forum Alpbach. Please also describe how you have perceived the European Forum Alpbach so far and how you have experienced your participation!

Please submit your application for membership in the association of the European Forum Alpbach in German or English to:

What happens next?

The EFA team will contact you upon receipt of your message to confirm the completeness of the information.

Afterwards, we will present your application for membership to the association's board of directors. Upon a positive decision about your membership, you will receive a membership form. Once you have returned this form to us and your membership fee has been processed, you will become a member of the European Forum Alpbach association.