Code of Conduct

General Information

The term "European Forum Alpbach" ("EFA") in this document includes the European Forum Alpbach non-profit association (EFA Association), the European Forum Alpbach non-profit private foundation (EFA Foundation) and the European Forum Alpbach Network (FAN). If certain guidelines only apply to one of the institutions, it is mentioned explicitly.  

Since 1945 the European Forum Alpbach has been a space and place for the emergence of reflection, action, and dialogue. It brings together young people with the most innovative minds from politics, business, civil society, culture, and science to drive ideas for a strong, democratic, and diverse Europe. To develop social sustainability, the EFA fosters inclusion, solidarity, equality, integrity, respect and mutual understanding.  

The guidelines set out in this Code of Conduct apply to all persons participating in the European Forum Alpbach, namely: 

  • the executive boards and staff of the European Forum Alpbach association and the European Forum Alpbach Foundation, 
  • the Forum Alpbach Network Board, 
  • the IGs and Clubs of the Forum Alpbach Network and their scholarship holders, 
  • the scholarship holders from the European Forum Alpbach Foundation, 
  • the contributors, participants, and partners of the European Forum Alpbach.  

Professional conduct and appropriate conduct are required at all times towards staff, event participants and contractors inside and outside the event’s premisses as well as during regional meetings, roundtables or other events organised by the EFA. 

Code of Conduct

The EFA gathers people regardless of their sex/gender, age, sexual orientation, skin colour, nationality, disabilities or social background.   

Respect, honesty and confidentiality are the core values of our daily work. We expect this attitude from our employees, partners, participants and scholarship holders. We utterly condemn any kind of discrimination and harassment. 

Our guidelines for social interaction are as follows: 

  • We look out for each other and take joint responsibility for maintaining a respectful and safe community. 
  • We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. If we are unsure, we do not hesitate to ask and learn from each other. 
  • We respect everyone's chosen names, pronouns and gender identities.
  • We respect everyone's personal space and possessions. 
  • We live mutual respect and goodwill. We resolve misunderstandings openly and apologise for any harm caused. An open and non-violent culture of conflict-solving and discussion is essential for us at EFA. 
  • We do not tolerate any form of sexual harassment or violence. Offensive actions or verbal statements regarding sex/gender, age, sexual orientation, skin colour, nationality, disabilities or social background are unacceptable in our community. 
  • We respect boundaries and accept a "no" without any objections. 
  • We do not tolerate bullying, harassment, intimidation or threats, whether online or offline.
  • EFA employees are expected to take a leading role in appropriate behaviour and in ensuring the effectiveness of this Code of Conduct.

Consequences of Violations to the Code of Conduct

The EFA ensures the presence of an Ombudsteam, who supports and assists in cases of discrimination and breaches of the rules stated above. The Ombudsteam mediates disputes and assesses all reported cases during the annual European Forum Alpbach event.

The EFA encourages participants, fellows, partners of the Forum and staff to report any suspicion of a violation of the above principles and to bring questions, suggestions and concerns to the attention of the EFA.  When raising a concern, you should identify yourself to facilitate communication; however, you may remain anonymous. The EFA guarantees the protection of your identity from third parties.    

Evaluation of a case and its consequences:

In each case, the Ombudsman team checks whether there may have been a breach of the Code of Conduct. If the matter cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of all parties involved or if the Ombudsteam assumes that there has been a breach of the Code of Conduct, the case is submitted to the EFA Confidence Committee (consisting of the Secretary General, one Unit Head, at least one person from the FAN Board as well as the Ombudsteam). The Confidence Committee jointly evaluates necessary further steps, such as the potential need to involve the EFA Board and takes appropriate remedial action.

These measures may consist of disciplinary measures, e.g. termination of employment, exclusion of participants or scholarship holders for future events and exclusion of a member of the Forum Alpbach Network. 

If you or someone else feels unsafe or unwelcome, or if you feel that someone has violated the Code of Conduct, please contact the Ombudsteam: