Together we can make a change. #MomentOfTruth #EuropeanForumAlpbach

We encourage our contributors to use social media to highlight your involvement and showcase the sessions you are taking part in the European Forum Alpbach 2024. This is an opportunity to engage with your network and invite them to join us for this transformative event.

You can mark your posts by using the hashtags #momentoftruth and #efa24 and tagging @forumalpbach on Instagram, Facebook, X or @european-forum-alpbach on LinkedIn so we can see and share your message!

A few inspirations, which you are welcome to use:

  • I am pleased to contribute to the European Forum Alpbach 2024. This year’s theme, "Moment of Truth," aligns perfectly with my values and I am excited to be part of the conversations and meet everyone in Alpbach. #efa24 #momentoftruth
  • I am excited to announce that I am a speaker at the European Forum Alpbach 2024! Join me during the module [module name] and contribute to the discussion on Europe's future. Follow @forumalpbach to stay updated. #efa24 #momentoftruth
  • Join me at the European Forum Alpbach 2024! I am excited to be hosting a session on [specific topic] and can't wait to share my insights and discuss them with you! Follow @forumalpbach for updates and join the event in August in Alpbach. #efa24 #momentoftruth
  • Excited to announce that I am joining the European Forum Alpbach 2024 as a speaker! Join me in the picturesque town of Alpbach in Austria where I am hosting a session on [specific topic]. Supporting the "Moment of Truth" theme and looking forward to insightful discussions with you! See you in Alpbach! #efa24 #momentoftruth

By sharing these messages, you help us spread the word about the impactful work being done at the European Forum Alpbach. Thank you for your support and contribution!

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