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20 Aug, 2022


A magazine of the European Forum Alpbach. Read interviews with and articles by contributors to the European Forum Alpbach 2022.


Europe has changed overnight. Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine has shaken our continent and inevitably led to an uncomfortable awakening of Europe’s society. Confronted with yet another crisis people struggle to hold on future perspectives and start doubting their former beliefs. For many decades, Europe was a guarantee for peace and prosperity. This dream ended abruptly, and we have woken up in a New Europe. That‘s why we have chosen »The New Europe« as our annual theme. A clear signal that we are now, more than ever, the place where we have to talk about Europe’s future. But what we need now are ideas and action! Action, as seen many decades ago when young people found the European Forum Alpbach. Action, as experienced in an enormous sense of solidarity among the people of Europe as a response the war in Ukraine. Action, as demanded from the participants of this year’s EFA22 event. For this year‘s magazine, we have invited international experts to give us a better impression of the themes that the European Forum Alpbach will be addressing this year. Especially what is required to make a sustainable contribution to strengthen Europe.

Let’s build The New Europe.
Join us!

Andreas Treichl, EFA President and Feri Thierry, EFA Secretary General


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