Behind the Scenes

Teamklausur Alpbach2023

23 Aug, 2023


The annual event would not be possible without the numerous people who make it happen. A look behind the scenes of EFA23…


The European Forum Alpbach has an organisational team of 32 highly motivated people who work all year round. The units Content, Communities, Communication, Experience and Operations collaborate closely and with enthusiasm for the European cause. Several months a year, 10 interns assist them to make the event come together. For the actual time in Alpbach, this core team is being shored up by many more indispensable people:

  • 38 session hosts make the sessions run smoothly and help the participants to find their way around on site.
  • 11 technicians take care of the stage and equip the speakers with microphones and light.
  • 3 security members keep the event site safe.
  • 5 photographers and one videographer capture the Alpbach moments that go out to the world.

A big thank you; we could not have done it without you!

Sessions and Speakers

The EFA23 schedule has 473 individual sessions: 63 Chats, 50 Works, 38 Hikes, 30 Seminars (150 sessions), 56 Networks, 9 Labs (31 sessions), 21 Stages, 19 Rituals, 15 Happenings, 13 Socials, and 17 other sessions.

The sessions are held by 470 speakers in total: 250 of them are female (53.2%), 217 are male (46.2%) and 3 non-binary (0.6%).

Most of EFA’s contributors find the annual event a one-of-a-kind experience. The figures of this year’s European Forum Alpbach 2023:

  • 4 Heads of State or Government,
  • 10 Members of the European Parliament,
  • 11 Members of the Austrian Government,
  • and 17 CEOs.

Scholarship Holders and Alumni Network

Our scholarship programme was a great success this year with over 5,000 applications. A selection committee of 95 impartial persons has chosen the actual scholarship holders (54.9% female, 43.8% male and 1.3% non-binary). A jury of two finalised the selection in accordance with a fair regional and academic distribution. The final group for the event consists of over 600 people with 84 different nationalities from four continents. The average age of the scholarship holders is 26 years.

Shout-out to FAN: The Forum Alpbach Network makes the scholarship holders feel welcome and organises various sessions and happenings – during the forum and throughout the year. The FAN consists of 32 Clubs and Initiative Groups.


None of the above-mentioned contributors could come to the Forum without our 77 dedicated partners: 36 corporates, 26 NGOs and 15 public institutions. Additionally, there are 8 media partners and 57 supporters. Thank you for making EFA23 possible!


The executive board of the European Forum Alpbach Association and the European Forum Alpbach Foundation consists of 17 public persons who provide the strategic orientation and their pro-bono guidance to the Forum.

In addition, the International Advisory Board (19 persons), the Scientific Advisory Board (32 persons) and the Board of Trustees (50 persons) serve as advisors to the Forum.