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Green Meeting

Due to its compliance with the guidelines of the Austrian Ecolabel, the European Forum Alpbach is proud to be labelled as Green Meeting or Green Event. We strive to save resources and act in an environmentally conscious manner in all areas. We very much appreciate your approval and support in this matter.

We try to make public travel as unproblematic as possible. In cooperation with the ÖBB, an Austrian mobility service provider, we offer additional shuttle bus lines from Wörgl and Jenbach via Brixlegg to Alpbach. If possible, please select an environmentally friendly means of transportation or form carpools. If there is no other option than to arrive by plane or car, we kindly ask you to compensate for the resulting CO2 emissions in the form of compensation payments.

A close-knit mobility concept allows you to refrain from individual means of transport, even during your stay in the region. Other than the additional shuttle buses, there is a collective taxi service, which will bring you from remote accommodations to the nearest bus stop or directly to Alpbach.

Waste reduction is a further important issue. In addition to the reduction of printed brochures and the omission of the distribution of flyers, we also ask you to return the participant badges after the event in the designated boxes at the registry, as they will be reused.

In the Congress Center Alpbach and all other event locations in the village, the requirements of the local waste management system, which prescribe a strict waste separation, apply.

We also pay attention to environmental protection in catering. Therefore, only reusable dishware and reusable packaging are used. In addition, the use of regional and seasonal foods is particularly important to us. To give you extra energy for the next event you attend, we put a lot of emphasis on light vegetarian or vegan cuisine.

Furthermore, we ask you to use the environmentally friendly offers of your accommodation such as the change of towels and sheets only when needed. Please turn off all lights and electronic devices (TV, air conditioning, heating, computer, etc.) when leaving the hotel temporarily.

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