Technology and Innovation

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19 Apr, 2023


From the very beginning, mediation between science and practice has been an important goal of the European Forum Alpbach. Over 75 years later, technology and innovation continue to be cross-cutting subjects in all four thematic tracks.

The European Forum Alpbach is committed to serving science and promoting open dialogue. Technology and innovation are the fabric science is made of, and therefore key pillars of the EFA programme. In order to preserve free and pluralistic societies, we need to ground our discussions in evidence and connect knowledge on an interdisciplinary level. The 2023 event’s schedule will feature 25 sessions with a focus on cutting-edge technology and its implications. This marks EFA’s transformation in the realm of technological developments, integrating those into every subject matter at the forum. We welcome debates on how fast-paced innovation impacts humanity. Accordingly, our thematic tracks (Climate, Democracy, Security, and Economy) are interwoven with technology and innovation. These are just a few example topics:

  • The world is in dire need of innovations in the energy sector. New technologies take time to become viable though, and time is the scarcest resource when it comes to the climate crisis. Assess with scholars, which tech breakthroughs are likely to be too slow for a net-zero-emission scheme.
  • With artificial intelligence (AI) speeding up, some experts point to its effects on democratic processes and labour markets, while others call for regulation. Examine the threats and opportunities of AI for human organisational systems.
  • Wars have changed severely in the digital age. Learn about the new nature of armed conflict, as well as the possibilities for building peace through digital technologies.
  • As technological supremacy appears to be a competition between the U.S. and China, we speak about how Europe can enhance its own sovereignty in the tech sector.

We are happy to collaborate with our partners in the area of technology and innovation, especially in continuation with our Premium Partner Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT). In addition to the above mentioned example sessions, EFA also provides practical insights: at the Innovation Marathon, participants will engage in a hands-on experience. The task is to develop solutions for real assignments within 24 hours. Results will later be presented in a plenary session.

For more information on technology and innovation at EFA23 refer to our schedule!