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Dialog Forum: Who will save quality journalism?


The tough competition for coverage and the rise of new contestants from the web are putting particular pressure on media whose mission is to produce quality content. How do the media react to these trends and which future models are developing? Which new alliances and funding models arise? What will make quality media successful in the future?

The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) and the European Forum Alpbach invite you to a special edition of the “ORF-DialogForum”, “Who will save quality journalism?” on November 30, 2015. Join us on a journey with profound connoisseurs and pioneers of the global media landscape to trace tomorrow’s quality journalism.

On the plenary

One of them is US journalist Peter Bale, Head of the Pulitzer Price winning journalist collective “Center for Public Integrity”. His investigative research is not financed by the market but by foundations and has a special global resonance in quality media such as the Washington Post in the U.S. or the German Süddeutsche Zeitung. Lisa Totzauer is exploring new paths within the ORF and developing political and informative formats standing their ground in the prime time and on second screen. Markus Lust from VICE Alps represents successful web journalism which is commercially financed due to its cheeky language and aesthetics and succeeds with a hip audience. Lutz Hachmeister, long-time director of the Adolf Grimme Institute, brings along a scientific take on the media landscape and a ranking of the 100 biggest media companies in the world. Anke Plättner, spokeswoman of the board of the German association “Internationale Journalisten-Programme e.V.” and host of the political TV show “Phoenix” on German television, is acquainted with typical biographies and routines in quality journalism and knows what is economically and editorially feasible.

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