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Financial Market Symposium


The Alpbach Financial Market Symposium has emerged from the Banking Seminar, which was a fixture of the European Forum Alpbach until 2009. This year s event focuses on the relationship between financial markets and the real economy.

Discussions regarding the potential structure of a Basel III framework are ongoing between finance professionals and politicians. How much equity capital will Europe s banks have to retain under such a framework? What effect will it have on the future issuance of credit and, in turn, on the real economy? An analysis of the future of the Euro will follow: the Euro as a common currency appeared to have proven its worth until the case of Greece created some doubt about its permanence. Will the Eurozone remain stable as a currency system? How much economic and fiscal coordination is necessary to ensure the same? How will the Euro perform relative to other currencies?

Furthermore the symposium will focus on the supervision of banks: a new European supervisory structure for banks and insurance companies has been agreed upon. How will the supervision of banks work in the future? What will be decided on a European level? What decisions will be made by individual states? And, what will be the degree of cooperation between the two?

The symposium will also broach the issue of the economic future of Central and Eastern Europe: the countries in the CEE region are in effect Europe s  emerging markets . Will they resume their previous growth paths once the crisis is over? What will make investing in CEE countries attractive once more?

The Alpbach Financial Market Symposium will provide controversial discussions and answers from high-ranking experts.

Financial Market Symposium

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