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Health Symposium


No other sector of society is as highly contested by varying interests and needs as is health care. At its heart lie the questions of how to ensure healthy people remain healthy, ill people become healthy again, and how to obtain the best possible care for all. The goal is evident; the ways to arrive there are not: they weave between conflict and cooperation. Hundreds of national and international experts from all areas of health care will reason along the lines of conflict and cooperation - which ways make sense and which are a dead end? When and where is it advisable to cooperate more? Which conflicts do we need to argue out to induce necessary changes?

The programme of the Health Symposium starts with the big picture before immerging into more detail: from global comparisons of different health systems, to the question of regional supply with medication, and to communications between doctors and patients.

Health Symposium

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General Partner European Forum Alpbach 2017