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Legal Symposium


The Alpbach Legal Symposium was created in 2012 and focuses on the discussion of legal policies with high-ranking experts from science, justice and politics who provide civic, penal and constitutional perspectives. Legal systems act as stabilising factors in our pluralistic societies and enable us to establish binding agreements. Only in a critical discourse about our legal systems can we develop new approaches for democratic changes and further improvements. The challenge lies in reaching a balance between progress and preservation of traditions worth keeping on the basis of the ever changing values of our society.

In 2013, the Alpbach Legal Symposium will deal with the topic "Experiencing Law - the Public as a Value?" and tackle, among other things, the following questions: Does the law reach the citizens? To what extent does a public arena for European legislation exist? Which problems and solutions are there in the field of internet governance? How much transparency is possible when defining and applying norms? And which are the goals of media and public relations in the legal sphere?