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Political Symposium


International law is a complex phenomenon. Its structure follows the principles of the separation of powers, but in contrast to national and supranational bodies of law, it does not have homogeneous or undisputedly sovereign legislative, judicial or executive branches. At the same time, the international community has a great need for norms that will regulate beyond ambiguity conflicts among states, as well as cross-border problems.

Under the heading "International Law - Global Equity", the 2011 Alpbach Political Symposium will focus on current issues in the creation and implementation of international law. Even more importantly, it will put the question of global fairness at the centre of debates among high-ranking politicians, researchers, journalists and activists. How can we make the global economic system more just? How can we prevent historical conflicts from turning into "chronic diseases" and avoid that, after a regime change, victims and perpetrators simply swap roles? How much solidarity do the members of communities of states owe each other? The experts will discuss these questions and many more with each other and with the audience.

Political Symposium

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