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Seminar Week


The Seminar Week is the academic centerpiece of the European Forum Alpbach. This event consists of 21 seminars conceptualised and led by internationally-renown academics, and presents an inter-disciplinary atmosphere, allowing room for interesting debates. This year, the programme will see evolution-biologists present unforeseeable, almost extraterrestrial arguments; information scientists highlight the ethics surrounding artificial intelligence; theologians discuss the morals of economics. Youthful theoretical and practical insights throughout all seminars strongly characterise the Seminar Week.

The Programme of the Seminar Week is organised by the academic advisory committee of the European Forum Alpbach, with Caspar Einem taking the lead.

Seminar Week

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17:00 - 17:30Opening of the European Forum Alpbach 2017Plenary
17:30 - 18:00Opening Speches Opening SpeechesPlenary


19:00 - 19:30Presentation of the SeminarsPlenary


Seminar 01: The New Silk Roads in a Global ContextSeminar
Seminar 02: Populism and post-factual politicsSeminar
Seminar 03: Conflict and the commonsSeminar
Seminar 04: Energy Transition with renewable energy and energy efficiency: a win-win for the planet and the global economy?Seminar
Seminar 05: Are we alone in the universe?Seminar
Seminar 06: Conflict and Cooperation: preferences or environmentSeminar
Seminar 07: Algorithmic biasSeminar
Seminar 08: HandsOn: the Arts and cultureSeminar
Seminar 09: Pragmatic alliances and global disorderSeminar
Seminar 10: Don’t mess with our education! Creating new Utopias!Seminar
Seminar 11: Transitional justice: case studies from the Balkans and sub-saharan AfricaSeminar
Seminar 12: Ethics in actionSeminar
Seminar 13: Dirty Products - Responsible Consumption: how digitalization changes the role of the consumerSeminar
Seminar 14:Climate change, population dynamics, and vulnerabilitySeminar
Seminar 15: Cooperation in evolutionSeminar
Seminar 16: Timescapes of 21st century: asynchronicities, acceleration and time conflictsSeminar
Seminar 17: The RenAIssance: Brave New WorldSeminar
Seminar 18: Politics at the grassroots levelSeminar
Seminar 19: Turkey at the CrossroadsSeminar
Seminar 20: Teach for Austria: Dare to ChangeSeminar
Seminar 21: Theatre Workshop with Students of the Royal Academy for Dramatic Art (RADA), LondonSeminar

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