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Seminar Week


The concepts of sustainability and intergenerational justice are ubiquitous. One cannot help but notice that the dialogue between the generations on the future viability of our society lacks intensity, however. By picking up the topic "Expectations - The Future of the Young" we want to contribute to a more intense and open dialogue between the generations. Three main topics should be addressed: What are the expectations of the younger generation? What is expected of them? And, finally, which "heritage" and which "hereditary diseases" will future generations have to deal with? In order to stimulate and foster this dialogue, the "young" will be considerably more included into the various discussion formats of the Forum.

The European Forum Alpbach 2012 will give its participants a choice of 16 one-week seminars which will analyse the general topic "Expectations - The Future of the Young" from the perspectives of a great variety of academic fields. The Alpbach Seminars are organised by the Advisory Board of the European Forum Alpbach under the chairmanship of Peter Christian Aichelburg from the University of Vienna. The first week of the European Forum Alpbach will thus offer an opportunity for intense discussion related to the general topic. Researchers from a wide variety of fields will come to Alpbach to give presentations and take part in discussions. A plenary session will complete the programme.

Seminar Week

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