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Ph.D. Ahmet EVIN Founding Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Sabanci University, Istanbul; Senior Fellow, Transatlantic Academy, Washington, D.C.


1966 B.A. Columbia University
1971-1972 Lecturer, New York University
1972-1973 Taught at Harvard University
1973 Ph.D. Columbia University
1973-1974 Fellow, Harvard University
1974-1976 Taught at Hacettepe University, Ankara
1977-1986 Taught at the University of Pennsylvania
1983-1986 Director, Middle East Center, University of Pennsylvania
1985-1986 Professor, University of Hamburg
1986-1992 Director of Education, Aga Khan Trust for Culture, Paris and Geneva
1992-1993 Head, Ankara Corporate Affairs Office, Philip Morris International
1994-1995 Visiting Professor, University of Hamburg
1994 Initiated a policy dialogue on the future European architecture, Turkey s place in that architecture, EU enlargement, and the effects of the customs union agreement with Turkey. Based on that initiative he established, in cooperation with a broad network of European research institutes and universities, Turkey s EU Membership Observatory now based at the Istanbul Policy Center at Sabanci University
1995-1997 Professor of Political Science, Bilkent, Ankara (also headed 1995-96 the Department of Political Science and Public Administration)
since 2007 Senior Faculty, Arts and Social Sciences, Sabanci University
1997-2001 Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Sabanci University, Istanbul
2001 Founding and Executive Board Member of the Istanbul Policy Center
2004 Visiting Professor, Northwestern University
2004-2005 Alexander Onassis senior fellow and visiting scholar at ELIAMEP: the Hellenic Foundation for European Foreign Policy, Athens