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Dr. Amal-Lee AMIN Associate Director and Head, International Climate Finance, E3G - Third Generation Environmentalism, London


2001-2002 Policy Advisor, Energy Markets, Sustainable Energy Policy, DETR/Defra, London
2002-2003 Energy Policy Advisor, Prime Minister s Strategy Unit, Cabinet Office, London
2003-2004 Head, REEEP Policy & Strategy, Environment Policy Department, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, UK Government, London
2004-2007 Head, Technology, Investment and Development, International Climate Change Policy, Defra, UK Government, London
2007-2008 Head, International Strategy, International Strategy and Campaigns Unit, Defra, UK Government, London
2008-2010 Team Leader, Climate Investment Funds (CIF), Lead Specialist Climate Change, Inter-American Development Bank, Washington D.C.
2010-2011 Deputy Head, Green Investment Bank, Commercial Team, Department Energy and Climate Change, UK Government, London