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MD, Ph.D. Anne FROLICH Head, Research of Chronic Conditions and Telemedicine, University of Copenhagen; Chief Physician, Bispebjerg Hospital, Copenhagen


2002-2003 Research Fellow at the Care Management Institute, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland. California
2002-2003 Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Health Services Research Training Program Institute for Health Policy Studies and Institute for Healthy Aging, University of California, San Francisco
2003-2012 Senior Consultant, Department of Integrated Care, Bispebjerg University Hospital, Copenhagen
since 2012 Head of Research of Chronic Conditions and Telemedicine, Bispebjerg University Hospital, Copenhagen


Frølich A.: Identifying organizational principles and management practices important to the quality of health care services for chronic conditions, PhD Thesis, Dan Med J, 2012
Frølich A., Jacobsen, Vadstrup E.S., Røder M.R.: Predictors of effects of lifestyle intervention on diabetes mellitus type 2 patients, Scientific World Journal, 2012, 951-962
Frølich A., Bellows J., Nielsen B.F., Brockhoff P.B., Hefford M.: Effective population management practices in diabetes care - an observational study, BMC Health Serv Res, 10, 2010, 277
Frølich A., Høst D., Schnor H., Nørgaard A., Ravn-Jensen C., Borg E., Hendriksen C.: Integration of healthcare rehabilitation in chronic conditions, Int J Integr Care, 10, 2010, 33


Old medal dissertation: "The calcium metabolism after Billroth I and II resection", Krogsgaard MR., Frølich A., Århus University, Denmark