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Ph.D. Aquiles A. ALMANSI Lead Financial Sector Specialist, The World Bank Group, Washington DC


1973-1976 Student of Economics, National University of Rosario, Argentina
1977-1978 Military Service, Argentine Army, Rosario
1978-1981 Financial Analyst, UNION Financial Company, Buenos Aires
1979-1981 Graduate Student of Economics, Universidad Del Cema, Buenos Aires
1981-1985 Graduate Student of Economics, University of Chicago
1985-1988 Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
1989-2001 Professor of Economics and Finance, Universidad Del Cema, Buenos Aires
1992-1996 Vice President, Banque National de Paris, New York and Buenos Aires
1996-2000 Member of the Board, Central Bank of Argentina, Buenos Aires
2001 Chief Investment Officer, INVESCO AM, Buenos Aires
2001-2002 Chief Investment Officer, Citigroup Asset Management, Buenos Aires
2002-2007 Senior Financial Economist, The World Bank Group, Washington, DC