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BA MA Dr. Astier M. ALMEDOM Professor of Practice in Humanitarian Policy and Global Public Health, The Fletcher School, Tufts University, Boston


Director, International Resilience Program (IRP), Institute for Global Leadership, Tufts University
Editorial advisory board member, Waterlines and African Health Sciences
Fellow, Royal Anthropological Institute
Resilience Alliance Connector
Sustaining Fellow, Society for Applied Anthropology
Independent Board Member, Humanitarian Accountability Partnership, Geneva, 2006-2008


Almedom, A.M.; Re-reading Eritrea s short and long-rigged history 1941-1952: Back to the future? Nordic Journal of African Studies 15: 103-142, 2006
Almedom, A.M., Tesfamichael, B., Mohammed, Z., Mascie-Taylor, N., Alemu, Z.; Use of  Sense of Coherence (SOC) scale to measure resilience in Eritrea: Interrogating both the data and the scale. Journal of Biosocial Science 39: 91-107, 2007
Almedom, A.M. and Glandon, D. Resilience is not the absence of PTSD anymore than health is the absence of disease. Journal of Loss and Trauma 12: 127-143, 2007
Almedom, A.M; Resilience research and policy/practice discourse in health, social, behavioral, and environmental sciences over the last ten years. African Health Sciences 8: S5-S13, 2008