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Dr. Astrid BJÖRNSEN GURUNG Scientific Program Manager, MRI Mountain Research Initiative Europe, Institute of Geography, University of Bern


1989-1990 School of Art And Design Zurich, Zurich
1990-1995 Study of Environmental Sciences, ETH Zurich
1996-1998 Master of Advanced Studies ETH in Development And Cooperation, Mas Eth Eza
1998-2002 Ph.D. Research on "Indigenous Knowledge Of Storage Pest Management In Nepal", ETH Zurich/Icimod, Nepal
1993-1994 Internship with IUCN Nepal on "Insect Biodiversity And Education"
since 1995 Scientific Illustrator (FH Aarau, ETH, And others) and free-lance writer (Newspaper)
1996 Preparatory study on "Indigenous Knowledge of Pest Management in Nepal" Hosted By ICMOD/NARC, funded by SDC
1997 Module development for integrated Pest Management for Jiri Technical School, SDC Nepal
1997-1998 Evaluation and monitoring of Farmer Field Schools, CIP Indonesia
1997-1999 Teaching german language for foreigners, Switzerland
2003-2005 Scientific Project Coordinator Glochamore (EU FP6), Bern
2005-2007 Scientific Project Manager, Mountain Research Initiative, ETH Zurich
since 2007 Scientific Program Manager MRI - Europe, University Of Berne/ IGF Innsbruck
2009 Project Coordinator University Of Central Asia, Bishkek and Centre for Development and Environment, Bern
2011 Mountain Research and Development, Centre for Development and Environment, Bern
since 2013 Federal Research Institute for Forest, Landscape and Snow Research, Birmensdorf


Björnsen Gurung, A. (2011). Science Networks for Global Change in Mountain Regions: The Mountain Research Initiative. In: Georgi Zhelezov (ed.), Sustainable Development in Mountain Regions: Southeastern Europe. Springer, Dordrecht, 281-287. ISBN: 978-94-007-0130-4
Björnsen Gurung A., Wymann von Dach S., Price MF, Aspinall R, Balsiger J, Baron JS, Sharma E, Greenwood G, Kohler Th. (2012). Global Change and the World' s Mountains: Research needs and emerging themes for sustainable development - Synthesis from the Perth II Conference 2010. Mountain Research and Development 32(S1):S47-S54
Nijnik M, Thomson K., Mason B., Lesinski J., Pettenella D., Björnsen A. (2012). Linking multi-functional forestry goals with sustainable development objectives in European Mountain Regions. Abstracts Volumen of the 5th International Conference on Rural Space and Local Development, 18-22 July 2012, Sighetu Marmatiei, Romania. pp. 40-41
Björnsen Gurung, A. (2013). Science for the Carpathians: Using regional capacity to cope with Global Change. Contribution to the Conference Proceedings of the Forum Carpaticum 2010 in Krakow, Poland. Springer, Dortrecht. pp.13-21


ETH medal for outstanding PhD thesis on "Indigenous Knowledge of Storage Pest Management in Nepal", 2003