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Dr. Barbara STREICHER Executive Manager, Science Center Network, Vienna


1993-1997 Dissertation in the group of Prof. Renée Schroeder on RNA splicing, Institute for Microbiology and Genetics,
  University of Vienna
1998-2006 Building up and team leader of dialog<>gentechnik, numerous projects on public understanding of gene technology
since 2005 Executive manager of the Austrian association "Science Center Network"


Sci-Co, Verein zur Förderung der Wissenschaftskommunikation


Schroeder, R., Streicher, B., and Wank, H.: Splice-Site Selection and Decoding: Are They Related? Science 260., 1443-1444, 1993
Streicher, B., Westhof, E., and Schroeder, R.: The environment of two metal ions surrounding the splice site of a group I intron. EMBO J. 15, 2556-2564, 1996
Streicher, B.: Netz(werk)e erleben. Wiener Zeitung Beilage 22.6.07, 2007