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Mag. Dr. Christian HARTMANN Head of Research Group, Technology, Foresight and Planning, Centre for Economic and Innovation Research, JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, Graz


 Christian Hartmann joined Joanneum Research in November 1996 as a researcher in the field of technology and innovation policy. He is holding a Ph.D. in economics from the Karl-Franzens-University Graz. In his work he is currently heading the research group  technology, foresight and planning at the Centre for Economic and Innovation Research.
 Christian Hartmann has conducted qualitative and quantitative research on R&D and innovation issues in Europe at regional, national and transnational level. In the framework of project related work he is strongly involved in regional and sectoral innovation system research and the development of smart specialisation strategies.


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Hartmann, C.: Cluster als Lernende Organisationen. Theoretische und empirische Betrachtungen, Leykam Verlag Graz, 2006
Hartmann, C, Steiner, M. (Hg.): Forschungsstrategie Steiermark, Leykam Verlag Graz, 2007
Hartmann, C.: Die Lernfähigkeit von Netzwerken und Konsequenzen für die regionale und kommunale Wirtschaftsförderung, in: Floeting, H. (Hg.), Cluster in der kommunalen und regionalen Wirtschaftspolitik, Edition Difu, Berlin, 2008