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Dagmar WOYDE-KOEHLER Founder and Chief Executive Officer, new&able Management- und Organisationsberatung GmbH, Karlsruhe


 Dagmar Woyde-Koehler is founder and managing partner of the new&able management consultancy. Improvement of decision-making and cooperation through intelligent networking and agile use of organisational intelligence "in business and society" has been one of the key concerns of her work for over twenty years.
 As a long-time top manager she has gained an insider’s intimate knowledge of what makes major corporations tick. For her pioneering work in the introduction of intellectual capital reporting in the EnBW AG, a leading German electricity utility, in 2008 she was made Germany´s "Chief Learning Officer of the Year".
 In collaboration with Gebhard Borck she published the book "Wetten statt Planen" (Make Bets - not Plans), a provocative reassessment of the meaning and purpose of traditional corporate planning.
 Dagmar Woyde-Koehler is a member of the New Club of Paris, the Wertekommission (Initiative for Values-Conscious Leadership), the Forum Gute Führung (Forum for Good Leadership) and the European Leonardo Advisory Board.
 In 2004 she founded the MINDKISS Project, an international and interdisciplinary networking venture, which she has curated and managed ever since.