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Darko RUNDEK Vocals / Guitar, Zagreb


1979 Formation of the band HAUSTOR
1982 Diploma in theatre Directing from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb
1982-1991 Director of 50 radio-plays and documentaries for the drama department of radio Zagreb, for which he also wrote the music


Darko Rundek & Cargo Orkestar
Rundek Cargo Trio


UDUH major award for Antigone by Sophocles, 1986
Ake Blomstrom prize  special commendation for Gang of four by A Savi, T. Jagec, D. Rundek, 1991
The best male film actor at the 7th Slovenian Film Festival 2004
His album Apokalipso won 5 Porins and 4 Black Cats
Prix Italia, Premios Ondas and Prix Futura