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Ph.D. Eddy VAN DOORSLAER Professor of Health Economics, Department of Applied Economics, Institute of Health Policy & Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam


1983-1990 (Senior) Lecturer in Health Economics at the Department of Health Economics, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Limburg, Maastricht
since 1990 Professor of Health Economics, Dept of Health Policy and Management, and School of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam


Research Fellow, Tinbergen Institute, Amsterdam
Research Fellow, NETSPAR, Univ of Tilburg
Former President, Dutch-Flemish Association of Health Economics
International Health Economics Association (iHEA)


Van Doorslaer E., Wagstaff A., Rutten F. (Eds): Equity in the finance and delivery of health care: an international perspective , Oxford University Press, 1993
O'Donnell O., Van Doorslaer E., Van Ourti T.: Health and inequality, Forthcoming in: A.B. Atkinson and F.J. Bourguignon (Eds.): Handbook of Income Distribution, volume 2B, North Holland, Elsevier, chapter 18
Van Doorslaer E., Van Ourti T.: Measurement of inequality and inequity in health and health care, In: Glied S., Smith P.C. (Eds): Oxford Handbook of Health Economics, Oxford University Press, 2011, 837-869


Jury Member of the Arrow Award Committee of iHEA, 2005-2009
Elected member of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences, since 2013