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Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Franc SOLINA o.Univ.Prof. at University of Ljubljana


1979 Dipl. Ing., Univ. of Ljubljana
1982 M.S., Univ. of Ljubljana
1987 PhD in Compt. And inform. Science, Univ. of Pennsylvania
1988-1993 Assist. Prof at Univ. of Ljubljana
since 1991 Founder and Head of Computer Vision Laboratory
1993-1998 Assoc. Prof. at Univ. of Ljubljana
 Since 1998 Prof., Univ. of Ljubljana, Faculty of Computer and Information Science


Senior member IEEE
2002 Fellow IAPR


1990 F.Solina, R. Bajcsy "Recovery of parametric models from range images: The case for superquadrics with global deformations", IEEE Transactions on PAMI 12 (2); 131-147
1997 A.Leonardis, A.Jaklic, F.Solina "Superquadrics for segmentation and modeling range data", IEEE Transactions on PAMI 19(11); 1289-1295
2000 A.Jaklic, A.Leonardis, F.Solina " Segmentation and Recovery of Superquadrics", Kluwer, Dordrecth
2004 F.Solina "15 Seconds of Fame", Leonardo 37(2); 105-110


1983-1987 Fullbright Fellowship
1988 Morris and Dorothy Rubinoff Award