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Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Franc SOLINA o.Univ.Prof. at University of Ljubljana


1979 Dipl. Ing., Univ. of Ljubljana
1982 M.S., Univ. of Ljubljana
1987 PhD in Compt. And inform. Science, Univ. of Pennsylvania
1988-1993 Assist. Prof at Univ. of Ljubljana
since 1991 Founder and Head of Computer Vision Laboratory
 Since 1998 Prof., Univ. of Ljubljana, Faculty of Computer and Information Science
1993-1998 Assoc. Prof. at Univ. of Ljubljana


Senior member IEEE
2002 Fellow IAPR


1990 F.Solina, R. Bajcsy "Recovery of parametric models from range images: The case for superquadrics with global deformations", IEEE Transactions on PAMI 12 (2); 131-147
1997 A.Leonardis, A.Jaklic, F.Solina "Superquadrics for segmentation and modeling range data", IEEE Transactions on PAMI 19(11); 1289-1295
2000 A.Jaklic, A.Leonardis, F.Solina " Segmentation and Recovery of Superquadrics", Kluwer, Dordrecth
2004 F.Solina "15 Seconds of Fame", Leonardo 37(2); 105-110


1983-1987 Fullbright Fellowship
1988 Morris and Dorothy Rubinoff Award