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Jonathan BONNICI Actor and Dancer, London


 Jonathan Bonnici is a London based actor who went from a University background in philosophy and politics to the 3 year training at RADA, after graduating in 2008 he has pursued a commercial acting career that has included playing lead roles at the National Theatre, with Headlong theatre as well as regular work in television and film. Concurrent to this Jon has been developing his own artistic practice first through workshops and performance with Grotowski inspired companies like Song of the Goat and Teatralne and then moving more towards a purer laboratory approach with companies such as the experimental theatre company 'Via Negative' in Ljubljana and most recently with Dr Karla Shacklock in her 'Beyond' Bristol project. Jon is also a a theatre maker and in 2013 he was awarded grants in the UK and Denmark to develop a performance piece on the subject of contemporary forms of violence. He is currently a re-occuring character in 'Vatican' a new Pilot for American TV directed by Ridley Scott.