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CB MA Ph.D. Julian Charles Roland LORD HUNT OF CHESTERTON Visiting Fellow, Malaysian Commonwealth Studies Centre, University of Cambridge; Member, House of Lords, Parliament of the United Kingdom, London


1967 Visiting Lecturer, University of Cape Town, South Africa, on Magntohydrodynamics (3 months)
Fulbright travel scholarship to USA to work as Research Associate at the Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, with Professor G.S.S. Ludford
1968-1970 Research Officer at the Central Electricity Research Laboratories in the Fluid Dynamics Section, under Mr. D.J.W. Richards (Main work on wind forces on structures)
1970-1978 University Lecturer in Applied Mathematics and Engineering at University of Cambridge
1978 University Reader in Fluid Mechanics at the University of Cambridge
1990 Professor in Fluid Mechanics at the University of Cambridge
1992-1997 Chief Executive of the Meteorological Office, Bracknell (a Next Steps and, since 1996, a Trading Fund Agency of the UK Ministry of Defence)
1997-1998 Visiting Scientist CERFACS, Toulouse and Visiting Professor Institute de Mechanique des Fluides de Toulouse
Professor Mechanical Engineering, Arizona State University
since 1998 Visiting Scientist, Stanford University, Center for Turbulence Research
Senior Research Fellow, Trinity College Cambridge
since 1999 Professor in Climate Modelling, Department of Space and Climate Physics and Department of Earth Sciences, (Honorary Professor in Department of Mathematics) University College London
since 2000 Appointed as a 'working peer' in the House of Lords, with the title Baron Hunt of Chesterton
since 2003 Director, Lighthill Institute of Mathematical Sciences (LIMS), London


Associate Editor, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 1978-1999
Elected Fellow, Royal Society, 1989
Chairman, Scientific Programme Committee, European Research Community for Flow, Turbulence and Combustion, 1990-1994
Member, Council of the National Environment Research Council (NERC), 1994-1996
Chairman, Scientific Committee of the RISK Group, since 1998
Chairman, Advisory Committee for the Protection of the Sea Ltd., since 2001 (President since 2004)
Appointed Vice-President, National Society for Clean Air, 2001 (President 2005)


L.F. Richardson Prize of the European Geophysical Society, 2001