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Dr. Jürgen KNORR Senior Vice President of Siemens AG


Studied Electrical Engeneering at the Technical University, Berlin 1957 engineer in development of Industrial Switchgear, Siemens AG 1957-1974 Head of management for Product Development and Design in different strategic business units within Siemens AG 1974-1984 General Management of 3 business divisions within Siemens:Electrical Equipment Division for production and office buildings, airports, theaters, etc.; Lighting Division; automotive Electronics 1984-1987 built-up world leading Technology and Industrial Volume Production of semiconductors. Installed new waferfabs and design centers 1987-1996 Senior Vice President of Siemens AG, Member of Executive Board of Siemens AG Since 31.3.1998 President of MEDEA (Microelectronics Development for European Applications)