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Mag.a BA MA Katharina BRANDL Co-Founder & Co-Director, Business Riot, Vienna


2004-2011 Diploma Programme in Political Science, University of Vienna 2009-2011 Assistant to the Head of the Research Focus "Empirical Visual Aesthetics", Faculty of Psychology, University of Vienna 2010-2014 BA in Art History, University of Vienna 2011-2014 Scientific Administrator, Cognitive Science Research Platform, University of Vienna 2014 Researcher, Austrian Contribution to the Architectural Biennale 2014, Venice 2014-2015 Tutor & Teaching Assistant, Department of Art History, University of Vienna 2014-2015 Project Manager for studio das weisse haus, , Vienna 2014-2017 Co-Founder & Chairwoman, Sorority, Vienna since 2015 Freelance curator and writer in contemporary art since 2015 Co-Founder & Executive, Business Riot, Vienna 2016 Managing editor, online magazine of Irmgard Griss' campaign for the Austrian Presidential Election 2016, Vienna since 2016 Co-Founder & Executive, kathe Konzeptbüro GesbR., Vienna since 2016 PhD Program in Art History, University of Basel since 2016 Doctoral Fellowship, eikones Graduate School, University of Basel