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Drs. Leida RIJNHOUT Executive Director, ANPED - The Northern Alliance for Sustainability, Brussels


1979-1980 Studies of food processing, Bolsward
1984-1988 Social and cultural work (spec. International development)
1986-1987 Practical year Social Work, Bolivia
1988-1993 Rural Economy and non western Rural Sociology, Rural University, Wageningen
1989-1993 Cultural Anthropology, University of Utrecht
  Research: Bolivia and Basque Country
1988-1990 Staff Local Council, PSP - Pacifist Socialist Party
1991-1999 Responsible for rural programmes, Boliviacentrum Antwerpen vzw
1999-2000 Co-ordinator, SALTO  Cooperation of 4 NGOs (UCOS, Bevrijde Wereld, Kwia en Boliviacentrum)
2000-2009 Co-ordinator, VODO vzw  Vlaams Overleg Duurzame Ontwikkeling (Flemish Platform on Sustainable Development = Umbrella organisation), Brussel
since 2009 Executive Director, ANPED - Northern Alliance for Sustainability


Rijnhout, L, Fremout, G, Mullens, M: Sustainable Development and Globalisation, Rio+10: is Europe willing to listen to the South?, final report international conference, ed. VODO, 142 pages, 2002
Paredis, et al: The concept of ecological debt and its meaning and applicability in policy, CDO  University Gent, 300 pages, 2004
Rijnhout, L: Money makes the World go round, dossier ARGUS, Ecological Economics, magazine van de KBC, 10 pages, 2007
Rijnhout, L.: Duurzame Ontwikkeling voor Dummy s (Sustainable development for dummies), publication VODO, 10 pages, (3 languages), 2008