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M. Sc. Lukas KINNER Ph.D. Student, Humboldt-University Berlin; Junior Scientist, AIT Institute of Technology GmbH; Finalist, Falling Walls Lab Austria, Vienna


2009-2015 Bachelor and Master, Graz University of Technology
2013 Internship, Gdansk University of Technology
2015 Scientific Assistant, Joanneum Research - Materials, Weiz
Master thesis, NanoTecCenter Weiz GmbH, Weiz
since 2016 Ph.D. student, AIT in cooperation with Humboldt-Universität Berlin


Kinner L., Nau S., Popovic K., Sax S., Burgués-Ceballos I., Hermerschmidt F., Lange A., Boeffel C., Choulis Stelios A., List-Kratochvil Emil J. W. (2017). Inkjet-printed embedded Ag-PEDOT:PSS electrodes with improved light out coupling effects for highly efficient ITO-free blue polymer light emitting diodes. Applied Physics Letters, 110(10), 101107