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Ph.D. Mikael LINDAHL Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, Uppsala University, Uppsala


2000 Ph.D. in Economics, Stockholm University
2007 Docent in Economics, Stockholm University
since 2015 Professor in Economics at the Department of Economics, Uppsala University


Research fellow at IZA, The Institute for the Study of Labor, Bonn, since 2000
Research affiliate at IFAU, Uppsala, since 2007
CESIFO Research Network Fellow, since 2010
Research fellow (Founding fellow) at UCLS, Department of Economics, Uppsala, since 2010
Editorial Board, Economics of Education Review, since 2011
Council member, ESPE (European Society of Population Economics), since 2012
Ledamot i Utbildningsvetenskapliga kommitten, Vetenskapsrådet, since 2012
Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Research Fellow, 2015


most recent:
Lindahl, M, M Palme, S Sandgren Massih and A Sjögren (2014) "A Test of the Becker-Tomes Model of Human Capital Transmission using Microdata on Four Generations", Journal of Human Capital, Vol. 7(1).
Borcan, O, M Lindahl and A Mitrut (2014) "The Impact of an Unexpected Wage Cut on Corruption: Evidence from a Xeroxed Exam" Journal of Public Economics, vol 120, 32-47.
Böhlmark, A, and M Lindahl (2015) "Independent Schools and Long-Run Educational Outcomes - Evidence from Swedens Large Scale Voucher Reform", Economica, Vol. 82, 508-551.
Lindahl, M, M Palme, S Sandgren Massih and A Sjögren (2015) "Long-term intergenerational persistence of human capital: an empirical analysis of four generations", Journal of Human Resources, Vol. 50(1) (Lead Article).