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Ph.D. Nevena DAKOVIC Professor of Film Studies, Department of Theory and History, University of the Arts, Belgrade


1985 B.A., Faculty of Dramatic Arts, University of Arts
1987 B.A. Comparative Literature, University of Belgrade/Faculty of Philology/Group for Comparative Literature
1988 M.A. thesis: The Problem of Film Reception: Aesthetic and Sociological Aspects, University of Belgrade
1990 Doctoral research scholarship - FEMIS, Paris
1992 Ph.D. Hollywood Melodrama: 1940-1960, University of Arts
1991-1999 Assistant, then Assistant Professor of Film History (Dept. of History and Theory/Faculty of Dramatic Arts/University of Arts)
1994 Professor at M.A. studies - course Introduction to Film Studies
1999 Lecturer at CSUB (Centre for Contemporary Art, Belgrade)
  Coordinator of the Interdisciplinary MA Studies at the University of Arts-Group of Art and Media Studies
  Head of the Dept. of Theory and History at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts
  Lecturer at AAEN; Course Nation and Cinema (Alternative Academic Educational Network)
2000 Associate Professor of Film Theory (Dept. of History and Theory/University of Arts)
  Coordinator of the TEMPUS project ADAM for restructuring PhD Studies (participant U of Malme, Edinburgh and Sienna)
2003 Chair of the of the PhD Art and Media Studies at the University of Arts