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PhD. Econometrics Oktay VARLIER Board Member, Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK), Istanbul


1965 Faculty of Political Sciences, Ankara University, Ankara / Turkey, B.A. in Economics and Finance
1967 Vanderbilt University, Nashville-Tennessee / U.S.A., MA in Economic Development
1967-1978 Expert, Economic Planning Department, Prime Ministry State Planning Organisation (on leave during studies at
  University of Manchester and during Military Service)
1970 University of Manchester, Department of Econometrics, Manchester / U.K., MA in Econometrics
1974-1978 Director, Research Division, Social Planning Department, Prime Ministry State Planning Organisation (SPO)
1978-1979 Chairman, Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries
1978-1980 President, Prime Ministry State Institute of Statistics, Ankara
1979-1980 Chairman, National Productivity Centre
1980-1983 Lecturer, Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Department of Economics, Ankara
1982 Faculty of Political Sciences, Ankara University, Ankara/Turkey, Phd. in Econometrics
1983-1985 Managing Director, NASA, Construction and Trade Inc., Izmir / Turkey
1988-1993 Chairman, Belek Tourism Investors Association, Ankara / Turkey (Development of 28,000 touristic bed capacity
  resort hotels, including area planning, infrastructure and super structure, in South Coast of Turkey)
1998-2001 Member of the Board, Turkish Contractors Association (TMB)
1999-2004 Vice President, The Turkish Employers' Union Association of Construction Industries (INTES)
2001-2004 President, Economic and Financial Affairs Committee (TUSIAD)
Member of the Board, Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen s Association (TUSIAD)
 At Present:
 Investment and Business Development Coordinator, Mart1 Hotels and Marinas
 Board Member, Alarko Contracting Group, ISTANBUL
 Chairman of High Advisory Council, The Turkish Tourism Investors Association
 Member of the Board, Foreign Economic Relations Board (DE0K)
 Vice-Chairman, Turkish-Eurasian Business Council
 Chairman, Turkish-Kazakh Business Council
 Member of the Board, The Turkish Employers' Union of Construction Industries Association (INTES)
 Chairman, Auditing Committee, Confederation of Turkish Employers Unions Association (TISK)


Conducted several researches, published several books and papers on: Income Distribution, Land Distribution and Agricultural Production, Productivity in Manufacturing Industry, Regional Inequalities, Tourism Investments, Public Private Partnership Models.