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Ph.D. Patrice MILOS President and CEO, Medley Genomics, Providence, RI


1980-1984 Ph.D., Biology, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY
1984-1987 Post-Doctoral Fellow, The Biological Laboratories, Harvard University, MA
1987-1990 Post-Doctoral Fellow, Brown University, RI
1993-2007 Executive Director, Global Research & Development, Pfizer Inc., CT
1993-2007 Executive Director, Translational and Molecular Medicine, Pfizer Inc., CT.
2007-2011 Senior Vice President; CSO, Helicos BioSciences, MA
2011-2013 Site Head, Centers for Therapeutic Innovation, Pfizer Inc., MA
2013-2016 President, CEO, Claritas Genomics, MA
since 2015 Scientific Advisor SeqLL - ULTRAPLACAD - Baby's First Test
since 2016 Co-Founder, President and CEO, Medley Genomics, RI
since 2017 Board of Directors, MedMates, RI BIO Affiliate, RI
since 2018 Scientific Advisor, Atlas Genetics, Trowbridge


Women In BIO
Rhode Island BIO Board of Directors


Chennagiri N, White EJ, Frieden A, Lopez E, Lieber DS, Nikiforov A, Ross T, Batorsky R, Hansen S, Lip V, Luquette LJ, Mauceli E, Margulies D, Milos PM, Napolitano N, Nizzari MM, Yu T, Thompson JF. Orthogonal NGS for High Throughput Clinical Diagnostics., Science Reports. 6:24650., 2016
Yu M, Ting DT, Stott SL, Wittner BS, Ozsolak F, Paul S, Ciciliano JC, Smas ME, Winokur D, Gilman AJ, Ulman MJ, Xega K, Contino G, Alagesan B, Brannigan BW, Milos PM, Ryan DP, Sequist LV, Bardeesy N, Ramaswamy S, Toner M, Maheswaran S, Haber DA.: RNA sequencing of pancreatic circulating tumour cells implicates WNT signalling in metastasis. Nature., 487:510-3., 2012
Kapranov P, Ozsolak F, Kim SW, Foissac S, Lipson D, Hart C, Roels S, Borel C, Antonarakis SE, Monaghan AP, John B and Milos PM.: New class of gene-termini-associated human RNAs suggests a novel RNA copying mechanism. Nature. 29: 642-6., 2010
Ozsolak F, Platt A, Jones DR, Reifenberger JG et al.: Direct RNA sequencing, Nature. 461: 814-818., 2009


2007-2010 Health and Human Services Appointee: National Advisory Council for Human Genome Research/NIH
2017 Winner, Medley Genomics - Rhode Island Bridge to Mass Challenge
2017 Grand Prize Winner, Pistoia Alliance President's Innovation Challenge
2018 Medley Genomics Selected for Philips Healthworks Startup Precision Oncology Program, Cambridge