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Paul EKINS Professor and Director, Resources and Environmental Policy, UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources, UCL - University College London


1990-1995 Research Fellow, Department of Economics, Birkbeck College, University of London
1991-1995 Research Associate, Department of Applied Economics, University of Cambridge
1996 Ph.D., Economics, University of London
1996-2002 Senior Lecturer, Reader and Professor of Sustainable Development, Keele University
1998-2005 Specialist Advisor, Environmental Audit Committee, House of Commons, London
2000-2007 Head of Environment Group, Policy Studies Institute, Professor of Sustainable Development, University of Westminster
2002-2008 Member, Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, London
2006-2010 Chairman, National Industrial Symbiosis Programme (NISP), London
2008-2009 Professor, Energy and Environment Policy, King's College London
since 2009 Professor, Energy and Environment Policy, Energy and Environment Policy, Director, UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources, University College London
since 2010 Fellow, Energy Institute, London
2011-2014 Vice-Chairman, DG Environment, Commissioner's High-Level Economists Expert Group on Resource Efficiency and Member, European Resource Efficiency Platform