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Piero SCARUFFI Scientist and Author; Head, Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous (LASER) Program, San Francisco


 Studies of Mathematics, University of Torino
1983 Relocated to California to work on Arpanet/Internet and object-oriented technologies, Olivetti Advanced Technology Center (ATC), Cupertino
Developed an e-mail system for a Unix-like operating system
1984 Worked on the first implementation of Smalltalk for a PC
1985 Founded Olivetti's Artificial Intelligence Center
 lectured on Artificial Intelligence in Italy, South America and the USA; visiting scholar at Harvard and Stanford University
2008 Start of the the Leonardo Art Science Evenings (LASERs)


Member of the Cognitive Science Society


A Brief History of Knowledge, 2011
Synthesis, 2009
A History of Rock and Dance Music, 2009
The Nature of Consciousness, 2006
Several books on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science
Published hundreds of articles on magazines


Awarded several prizes for poetry in Italy and the USA (latest being the Fog City Writers 2007)