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Mag. Dr. Rudolf GIFFINGER Professor and Head of Center, Regional Science, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna


1975-1981 Geography studies, University of Vienna
1993-1988 PhD, Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning, University of Technology, Vienna
1998 Habilitation, Regional Science, University of Technology, Vienna
since 1999 Professor, University of Technology, Vienna
2005-2009 Head, Interdisciplinary Centre of European Spatial Development, University of Technology, Vienna
since 2006 Full professor, University of Technology, Vienna; Head, Centre of Regional Sciences, Department of Spatial Planning, Faculty of Architecture and Planning, University of Technology, Vienna


PhD College of UPC - Universidad Politécnica de Cataluna
The European Urban Research Association
The Austrian Society of Regional Planning - ÖGR
The Society of International Development - SID


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