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Sabine SCHMITTROTH Divisional Board Member Private Customers, Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt


1986-1989 Account Manager Retail Banking, Dresdner Bank Bochum
1989-1994 Instructor and Trainer, Human Resources Department, Dresdner Bank Frankfurt
1994-1996 Personnel Attendant, Human Resources Department, Dresdner Bank Frankfurt
1996-1999 Security Adviser in the Private Customer's Business, Dresdner Bank Frankfurt
1999-2001 Leader Security Consultation, Dresdner Bank Frankfurt
2001 Assistent of the Management, Dresdner Bank Frankfurt
2001 Coaching Education, European Business School
2001-2004 Leader and Manager distribution care, Dresdner Bank Frankfurt
2004-2009 Leader and Manager distribution region Frankfurt, Dresdner Bank Frankfurt
2009-2010 Speaker of the Management, Commerz Direktservice GmbH, Duisburg / Quickborn
2011-2015 Area Divisional Head Sales Department, Private Customers / Private Banking clients, Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt
2013 IMD High Performance Leadership
2015-2016 Divisional Board Member Private Customers Central Germany, Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt