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Mag. Dr. Susanne WEIGELIN-SCHWIEDRZIK Vice Rector for Research and Career Development, University of Vienna


1973 Studies in Sinology, Japanese Studies and Political Science, Bonn University
1980 Research Fellow at Beijing University
1984-1985 Research Fellow at the Center for Chinese Studies, University of California at Berkeley
1987 Guest Lecturer at Qinghua University, Beijing
1999-2001 Vice Rector for International Relations, University of Heidelberg; cooptation into the Committee for University Relations, Intern at the HRK Bonn; Stay as a visiting research scholar at the Center for Chinese Studies / University of California at Berkeley
2002 Professor of Sinology, University of Vienna
2005 Madeleine H. Russell Visiting Professor for Non-Western and Comparative Studies / Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
2010-2011 Dean of the Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies, University of Vienna