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Dr. MA Thomas GRILL Senior Researcher, University Lecturer, Independent Artist, Linz


2015ff Lecturer, University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna
2008ff Senior Researcher, OFAI, Vienna
2004-2012 Lecturer, University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna
2004-2015 Music Curator, Neue Musik in St.Ruprecht, Vienna
2003-2015 Lecturer, University of Applied Arts, Vienna
2011 Visiting Artist and Researcher, IRCAM, Paris
since 1991 Independent Sound Artist, Linz and Vienna
1991-2003 Consultant for Technical Acoustics and ICT, Linz


Holighaus N., Dörûer M., Velasco G. A. and Grill T.: A framework for invertible, real-time constant-Q transforms, IEEE TASLP, 2013.
Klien V., Grill T., Flexer A.: On automated annotation of acousmatic music, Journal of New Music Research, 2012.
Darhuber A. A., Grill T., Stangl J., Bauer G., Lockwood D. J., Noël J.-P., Wang P. D., Sotomayor Torres C. M.: Elastic relaxation of dry-etched Si/SiGe quantum dots, Physical Review B, 1998.


Outstanding Artist Award (BKA), Bonus prize, 2014
Award of Excellence (BMWFW), 2012
Theodor-Körner-Prize, 2010
Prix Ars Electronica, Honorary Mention, 2009