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Univ. Doz. DI Dr. Thomas SCHREFL Course Director, Master Industrial Simulation, St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, St. Pölten


1993 Dr. Techn. (Vienna University of Technology)
  "Numerical simulation of magnetization reversal in hard
  magnetic materials"
1999 Univ. Doz. (Habilitation, Vienna University of
  Technology), "Computational Physics"
2001 Researcher, IBM Almaden Research Center, CA, USA
2004 Professor of Functional Materials, University of
  Sheffield, UK


T. Schrefl, J. Fidler, H. Kronmüller, Remanence and Coercivity in isotropic nanocrystalline permanent magnets, Physical Review B, 49, 6100 (1994)


START-Preis, 1999
Wohlfarth Memorial Lecturer, 2005