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Crossing borders – Expectations towards Europe Concluding remarks by representatives of the Alpbach Initiative Groups and Clubs about the European Forum Alpbach 2012 in dialogue with Robert Menasse

Plenary / Panel
German and English language
President, Initiative Group Alpbach Kosovo, Pristina
Novelist and Essayist, Vienna
Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Wiener Zeitung, Vienna Chair

Dr. Robert MENASSE

Novelist and Essayist, Vienna

 As an undergraduate, Menasse studied in Vienna, Salzburg and Messina
1980 PhD thesis "Der Typus des Außenseiters im Literaturbetrieb"
1981-1988 Junior lecturer, Institute of Literature Theory, University of Sao Paolo
1988 First novel "Sinnliche Gewissheit" is published.
 Since returning to Europe from Brasil, Menasse has mainly lived in the cities of Berlin, Vienna and Amsterdam.
 He currently lives in Vienna.

Mag. Thomas SEIFERT

Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Wiener Zeitung, Vienna

1987-1991 Bachelor degree course, Biology, University of Salzburg
1991-1998 Master degree course, Botany, University of Vienna
Staff writer, Falter, Vienna
1999-2005 Member of the Editorial Staff, Foreign Affairs Section, News, Vienna
1999 International Media Fellowship, Duke University, Durham, NC
2001 International Visitors Program, The State Department
Lecturer, Danube University, Krems
2006-2012 Member of the Editorial Staff, Foreign Affairs Section, Die Presse, Vienna
2009 Lecturer, University of Vienna
since 2012 Deputy Editor in Chief, Wiener Zeitung, Vienna