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Interactive Virtual Environments for Room Planning and Decision Making

Congress Centre Alpbach
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European Forum Alpbach in cooperation with DG CONNECT – European Commission Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content & Technology and HLRS – High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart
Virtual environments provide an ideal communication platform where all participants are presented with a 1:1 model of planning and its possible variants. By adding interactive numerical simulations, the impact of these projects on the environment, the economy and the public can be analysed and judged immediately. On an immersive 3D back projection system, participants will be able to literally dive into virtual models, walk through the city of Vienna to experience the current status of its energy consumption and different development options.
The number of participants per simulation is limited. Registered participants of the European Forum Alpbach will be able to register online for a certain timeslot of half an hour each. The means of registration are yet to be announced at

Research Professor, Northeastern University, Boston

Ph.D. Nicola PERRA

Research Professor, Northeastern University, Boston

Ph.D. Student, University of Cagliari, Cagliari Visiting Scholar, Indiana University, Bloomington Research Associate, Indiana University, Bloomington Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Northeastern University, Boston

Built Environment Symposium

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