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The future of the EU: The challenges of self-determination

Plenary / Panel
German and English language

Which legal challenges follow on from mounting calls for national self-determination, particularly given the context of contemporary separatist movements? A detailed investigation is offered of the legal challenges posed by these political demands.


Public Diplomacy Consultant, Vienna
President, ELI - European Law Institute, Vienna Chair


Public Diplomacy Consultant, Vienna

1991-1999 News Editor, Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF). Vienna Correspondent, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
2001-2017 Member of Parliament, UK House of Commons
2007-2017 Westminster SNP Leader
2016-2018 Deputy Leader, Scottish National Party (SNP)

Dr. LL.M Christiane C. WENDEHORST

President, ELI - European Law Institute, Vienna

1993-1995 First and Second State Examination in Law, Bavaria
1995 Doctorate in law (summa cum laude), LMU Munich
1993-1998 Research assistant, Institute for International Law, LMU Munich
1997-1998 Master of Laws, University of Cambridge
1998 Habilitation, LMU Munich
1998-1999 Professor (C4), University of Greifswald
1999-2008 Professor (C4), University of Göttingen
since 2008 Professor of Law, Department of Civil Law, University of Vienna

Legal Symposium

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