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The European Forum Alpbach promotes intergenerational dialogue beyond boarders not only during its annual event but on a long-term basis. For many years, our network of former participants and contributors has connected people around the globe all with one goal: To generate new ideas, to spark action and to shape the future of Europe.

Forum Alpbach Network (FAN)


The time spent together at the EFA connects former scholarship holders over the course of many years and across national borders: There are more than 30 alumni organisations in 21 different countries! They organise successful scholarship programmes and various events throughout the year. In addition, there are more than 20 FAN-Ambassadors who provide information about the EFA Scholarship Programme and the Forum in their countries.

FAN Board

The Clubs elect a Board (FANB) which coordinates common activities, sets up priorities for the network and represents FAN within the Forum’s bodies and the broader public. We also nominate young experts who bring in their expertise in the work of Advisory Committees.

  • Jenni Zeller (Chair)
  • Klaudie Mrkusová (Vice Chair)
  • Florian Boschek
  • Andreas Maierhofer
  • Philipp Mendoza
  • Dorotea Neuberg

FAN Committee 2024

The FAN Committee (FANC) is the Forum Alpbach Network’s main organising body during the European Forum Alpbach. Each year, a new team of FAN representatives is elected. They work the whole year to coordinate the social activities during the EFA main event.

Security: Jan Farfal (Club Alpbach Poland):

Climate: Arnee Steemers (Club Alpbach Netherlands):

Arts: Florian Boschek (FAN-B):

Democracy: Maria Poloz (Kyiv Initiative Group Alpbach):

Finance: Abdullah Abdulrahim (IG Vienna):

Seminars: Dorotea Neuberg (FAN-B):

FAN Ambassadors

Founded in 2015, the FAN Ambassador Programme was created with the aim of encouraging people from all over the world to join the FAN and to spread the spirit of Alpbach globally. FAN Ambassadors work in their regions of residence to inform people about the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to the European Forum Alpbach by hosting events, giving talks or creating and sharing webpages. Currently, FAN-Ambassadors come from the following countries:






Current active Clubs & IGs

Contact Person at EFA

220627 DSC9585 web c Elisabeth Mandl

Bibimaya Larice

Unit Communities | Stakeholder Manager | Alumni Network

Alpbach in Motion (AIM) Alumni Club

What is the AIM Alumni Club?

Alpbach in Motion (AIM) is a multi-day summit that takes place during the European Forum Alpbach event. It provides a platform for up to 40 committed talents from various business backgrounds to rethink leadership in the 21st century while connecting the next generation of decision-makers. The Alpbach in Motion Alumni club is an independent association of former AIM-participants who organise events and meet regularly for continuous exchange on how emerging leaders can facilitate change in their industries, networks and in a broader social context.

Benefits for club members

  • Get access to and (re-) connect with all generations of AIM from 2013 onwards.
  • Receive invitations to events that are hosted by former participants throughout the year such as company visits, social events or lectures.
  • Join a selected network and get involved in the activities throughout the year with exclusive insights into other companies and industries on an informal and personal level.

Get involved!

If you have been a participant of AIM, join the club and become part of a unique network that carries on and promotes the spirit of Alpbach.

The membership is free of charge and is exclusively addressed at former participants of Alpbach in Motion - Summit of Emerging Leaders.


AIM Alumni events and meet-ups are communicated via newsletter.