IG Graz-Leoben


The Initiative Group (IG) Graz-Leoben was founded in 2002 as an alumni-like association of former scholarship holders of Club Styria. The main objectives during the Forum Alpbach are the organizationof a special program for Styrian scholarship holders and organizing the Alpbach Speakers’ Night, as well as the football tournament. Therefore, the club also actively contributes to the Forum itself. By arranging monthly regulars' tables and other events like Alumni-Talks, where conversations, ideas and contacts are fostered, they honor their commitment to cultivate the “Spirit of Alpbach” throughout the year. Besides Graz (and its eight universities) they are also very active at the University of Leoben, the academic home of numerous scholarship holders.

Get in touch

For more information or sponsoring activities please contact the following club members:

  • Immanuel Azodanloo, President
  • Angela Kogler, Vice President
  • Lorenz Tripp, Vice President