IG Alpbach Wien


The Initiativgruppe Alpbach Wien (IG Wien) is part of the Forum Alpbach network and annually awards scholarships for the participation in the European Forum Alpbach. Independently of this, the awarding of scholarships by the Initiativgruppe is based on the objectives such as empowering a common and solidary Europe, strengthing international cooperation and supporting the expression of opinions on topics and problems of our time. It also focuses on supporting the non-partisan character of the Forum Alpbach and promoting diversity in its own structures, topics and approaches, as well as demanding it at the European Forum Alpbach. In addition, the Vienna IG organizes fireside chats, panels and tours during the year to bring the spirit of the Forum Alpbach to Vienna.

Get in touch

For more information or sponsoring activities please contact the following club members:

  • Katja Hummer, President
  • Aisha Gstöttner, Finances and Sponsoring
  • Matthias Bauer, Members and Scholarship Holder Support